Marketing Attribution

Gone are the days of blindly guessing which tactics drove the best results in your marketing campaign. We are able to track more than 100 metrics during digital marketing campaigns to ensure were contributing to your bottom line.

Critical Concepts for High Performing Marketing Attribution

Tie your tactics back to the results with marketing attribution.

Purchasing Process

When you regularly use attribution during your marketing campaigns, you gain great insights into how your purchasing process takes place.

Youre able to watch website visitors turn to leads and leads turn to buyers, which helps you to see where people are converting and if there is room for improvement.

Understanding customer buyers stages allows us to better budget our time and resources, so were investing in specific tactics that are proven to work for you.

Customer Lifetime Value

Not all conversions are equal. While some conversions may be the first step toward a long-time relationship with a new customer, others may just be a one-time sale.

Our attribution models dont just stop after a customer has converted, instead, they continueto track future interactions with customers, such as log-ins and additional purchases. All of this information allows us to better understand your customer lifetime value and to identify what strategies will help make your business profitable for the long haul.

Integrated Data Analysis

Your marketing campaigns have a lot of moving parts that all work together to get you the results you desire. With that in mind, its important to take an integrated approach to your data analysis as well – tactics that work together should be measured together.

Our attribution models take into account the effectiveness of each touchpoint in a campaign to better understand how each element is doing its part in the campaign and to uncover if there is any room for improvement. If were able to identify tactics that are achieving great success, were able to reallocate talent and resources to ensure your best return on investment.

Organized Data

When it comes to marketing attribution, its easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of data available to you. Well help you determine which KPIs are important for your campaign, and then well keep track of all these metrics in easily digestible marketing scorecards so you can keep tabs on the running success of your campaign.

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