Your marketing automation platform and customer relationship management systems must be integrated and updated in real-time.

Today, in most instances,  people value the quality of client service even more than actual goods. That is why you also should put the level of your services first. Let’s imagine a situation. You come to a poorly managed shop with excellent goods where all the staff treats you without a single bit of respect.

Then you decide to shop at another place where all the products are the same, though a bit more expensive, and you are treated as if you are their favorite client. What would you choose in this situation?

Not only is customer service a deeper field than those outside it may initially presume, it’s evolving at an unprecedented pace.

To develop a solid marketing and sales technology system, you need to be sure that you have the best your money can buy. There are some systems that have both marketing automation and CRM integration. These systems don’t require software coding and APIs. Without a solid integration, you will have a hard time developing a full-funnel approach to building your sales pipeline.

Watch this video to wee the power of an small and midsize CRM platform that has everything and more.

Customers Relationship Management (CRM)

People are much more eager to share stories about their negative experience than the positive ones. This way it can be said that your base that consists of satisfied clients is probably your biggest weapon in a war of business.

Smart management and sales teams must manage their time and data effectively for their business thriving and improve the bottom line. This is what Customer Relations Management (CRM) programs were created for – helping you with your client base management.

Some top CRM platforms include:

  1. Salesforce CRM
  2. Hubspot CRM
  3. Freshsales
  4. Pipedrive
  5. Infusionsoft
customer service complaints

Marketing Automation

Another field that businesses face problems in is marketing. Years ago managing client bases and digital marketing, was so much easier than it is now. Modern marketers now have to deal with numerous aspects of brand promotion, email marketing, landing pages, automated campaigns, social marketing, lead nurturing, and, marketing automation tools. This all consumes quite a significant amount of time.

Years ago we had just a few social media networks, the biggest ones at those times were Twitter and Facebook. Now we have dozens of those. And it is nearly impossible to manually manage all marketing processes by yourself. Luckily, you do not have to anymore.

Now we have a great tool called marketing automation platform where the marketing automation features solve most of those problems. So, what exactly is marketing automation? This trend is comparatively new in modern marketing, and not all specialists know how to integrate it properly.

In general, the term ‘marketing automation’ means using the special software that analyzes your clients’ actions and suggests advice based on that data. This way the program does all the boring monotone job you can focus on something that requires human involvement.

Today marketing automation software involves various steps like promotional campaigns, lead generation, content generation, billing, analytics, leads management, cooperation and conversion. So far the most important thing you have to know about marketing automation is that this is a complex approach and you have to treat it accordingly.

Watch this video on the top marketing automation software, SharpSpring marketing automation, on the market today. It’s a perfect fit for any small to midsized business.

Marketing Automation Systems

Speaking of marketing automation, we have to mention some tools that are used for it. There are dozens of tools on the internet that are supposed to make your life easier if you want to integrate automation into your marketing strategy.

The easiest tool that you could use is the e-mail messenger that would send over your targeted e-mails to your clients, making them want to buy from you even more.

Two separate groups of your potential customers from the rest of your client base, you could use a CRM system. But we will talk about it later. As for the automated e-mail platforms, you could use some like Constant Contact, or MailChimp.

They are excellent and easy to operate.  

There are also more complex tools for marketing automation, like, for example, SharpSpring pricing, HubSpot, or
LeadSquared, that offer their users a wide range of opportunities to manage their client base, working with leads and already existing customers. If you want to focus on your content marketing, you should pay attention to services like these ones. They might come in handy.

If you want to get the most out of your business, you have to combine your marketing automation with CRM program, and that will most definitely give you the best results. But how to successfully integrate CRM with marketing automation and to increase sales by doing that? We will now tell you how.

Here are some top marketing automation platforms include:

  1. SharpSpring
  2. ActiveCampaign
  3. Infusionsoft
  4. Ontraport
  5. Marketo
  6. Hubspot
customer relationship management systems

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1. Automation

CRM and marketing platforms allow you to bring all your business transactions to one system that all your employees will be using as well. This way not only you will be able to control every step of it yourself – you will have a chance to make a prognosis from what you can see. Using CRM will decrease the percentage of mistakes that your employees make as well as time consumption for completing all kinds of tasks.

Using a CRM and marketing automation platform also influences your employees’ productivity. Due to automatized processes, new employees will switch to their full productive mode quicker. These are known as workflows.

2. Easier Management

Integrated CRM and marketing automation platform’s allows you to keep all the data about your clients systematized in one place. It keeps everyone on the same page. This also implies having full transactions history for every client of yours.

The best part is that you can also divide your client database into segments depending on various criteria, such as regions, managers, business field, etc. This is called ‘lead scoring’ and represents probably the biggest and most important part of marketing automation.

3. Keep Track of the Conversation

As it was mentioned before, CRM services allow you to keep all the history of transactions with your client. This way whenever the communication channel he or she chooses you will always be aware of the whole situation from the beginning.

Another good thing about it is that every client of yours gets a personal approach which will raise their loyalty to your services. And that will eventually pay off in higher sales.

4. Targeting

CRM is a great way to segment your existing client database. For example, there is a huge difference between those clients who are already loyal to your brand and those who are ‘potentially loyal.’ And you sure do not want to waste your time trying to make loyal those of them who already are.

That would only be a waste of your marketing resources. CRM and marketing automation platforms will segment your customers for you. This way you can focus solely on those leads who need your attention and might become your future customers and bring up your sales.

Regarding marketing automation CRM system works as a helpful tool that reminds the manager when to make a call and does that when the lead is ready to become a customer even though he or she might also not realize that.

Before that, CRM system analyzes the type of content the customer has seen on your website and generates pop-ups with information that might get him even more interested. In some cases, a CRM system might also transfer the lead onto the next step of the deal.

The whole idea of using CRM at this point of the marketing automation process is to start turning the lead into the client at the right time. Without wasting efforts and money on those, who eventually might not even become your customers.

infusionsoft demo

5. Cross-selling and Up-selling

Using CRM integrated with a marketing automation platform, you can get these awesome additional features known as cross-selling and up-selling. Cross-selling means having the customer purchase an additional product while up-selling means we are making him buy an even more expensive one.

Keeping track on the transaction history with the client you will see if the opportunity like this arises. Your CRM manager will adjust your client base so it would fit the parameters you set to it.

The aim is to generate more leads and convert them into sales – a goal that we must never forget. So, as an e-commerce store, how can you use automation software and marketing best practices to achieve your goals and streamline your marketing processes?

6. Communication Optimization

To make your sales grow all your employees must work as one big organism. That means that all the communication between them must be optimized. If your workers use different channels for communication like e-mail, Skype and so on, there is a big chance that the confusion might occur. And that might result in not closing a deal, which is not something that should be on your priority list.

CRM allows your employees to communicate within one system with every message being fixated and synchronized.

Your customers don’t care about channels just what matters to them at that moment.

Marketing Automation

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7. Extensive Reports

A successful business cannot exist without every step of their employees’ activity being tracked and managed. Usually, workers hate doing that. But with CRM this process goes a lot easier.

Now all your managers will receive detailed reports on their activity along with their future tasks. By checking out their performance and company’s in general, you can fix mistakes in your marketing strategy and make your sales grow bigger.

When the sales reps see their productivity improve and a bigger commission check, they will jump on board.

8. Keeping the Leads

Leads are the most important things for almost any business activity. A lead is a potential customer. Keeping track of your leads is one of the most significant aspects of working with CRM service.

The way that your leads are converting into real customers might show you the effectiveness of your managers’ work and your marketing strategy in general.

By creating a whole database of your leads, CRM will allow you to manage them easier and, therefore, work with larger amounts of leads. The more leads you work with, the bigger your sales might become.

If you have two departments, sales and marketing, they must see what each other is doing in a target market. Learn more about the marketing to sales handoff.

9. Get Notified

It is impossible to keep everything in your mind at once, and it is only understandable that your managers might forget something and lose a lead or a customer.

CRM and marketing automation platform will notify you and your employees whenever an important meeting comes up or the deal that has to be closed soon. Anything important is being remembered for you now, and you will get notified beforehand.

10. Segment Advertising

By using the data that CRM provides to you, you can segment your client base depending on what type of ads you want to send to them. That would significantly save your time and money and give quite a boost to your sales. Is will be much easier to send personalized discounts and work with ‘lookalike’ audiences, attracting more potential customers to your business.


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Whatever business you ownhaving a CRM service is ‘a must’ for you, especially if you want your sales to go higher. It will give you the opportunity to optimize the whole process of turning a lead into a loyal customer. Also, it is your MARTECH stack that is your best choice if you want to get a look at your business and analyze its productiveness.

But using CRM only will not give you the results you are hoping for. It has to be a part of a bigger process called marketing automation. In this case, CRM is not something you solely depend on but rather a tool that is integrated into the complex process of understanding the potential client and his or her needs. Using CRM as a part of your marketing automation process will save you tons of time and money, so use these tips and grow your business every day!

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