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Integrated digital marketing offers opportunities to break through to your target market and audience.”

– George Schildge, CEO, Matrix Technology Group


Over 291% Increase in Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)

Matrix Marketing Group gets DTC and B2B manufacturing from driving lead generation campaigns to the unique needs of B2B manufacturers.

Our experience with manufacturing brands gives us an edge in developing strategies that work for you.

Matrix Marketing Group
Matrix Marketing Group


8:1 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Matrix Marketing Group is the leading digital marketing agency for eCommerce brands to break into or expand their market share and profitably scale customer acquisition.


Over 291% Increase in Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)

Matrix Marketing Group gets DTC and B2B manufacturing from driving lead generation campaigns to the unique needs of B2B manufacturers. Our experience with manufacturing brands gives us an edge in developing strategies that work for you.

Matrix Marketing Group
Matrix Marketing Group


1,051% Increase in Organic Sessions Yields 52,550 New Sales

Matrix Marketing Group understands the food and beverage industry and its competitive marketplace. We can help grow your brand and get it out in front of your target audience.


63% Decrease in the Cost of Customer Acquisition

Matrix Marketing Group transforms businesses through digital, rapidly expanding market share and driving profitable growth for private equity firms with a portfolio of startups, turnarounds, and M&A companies.

venture capital firms private equity


251% Increase in Organic Contact Form Submissions

Matrix Marketing Group applies proven digital marketing strategies and technologies to solve the distinct challenges that financial services companies face, delivering customized marketing plans and measurable results.


701% Website Visits from Email Marketing

Matrix Marketing Group combines our digital marketing expertise with an intimate understanding of the unique demands of the hospitality and travel industry.

HOSPITALITY TRAVEL marketing agency
marketing agency education industry online high-education


483% Increase in Organic Sessions

Matrix Marketing Group offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions for education. We are ready to profitably scale your digital marketing to find and keep your educational brand in front of your target audience.


Scale with MATRIX To Align Sales + Marketing For a Complete Revenue Growth System.

Matrix Marketing Group gets professional business service businesses more site traffic, higher lead conversions, and more sales.

From driving lead generation campaigns to the unique needs of business services firms. Our experience with business services firms’ brands gives us an edge in developing strategies that work for you.

Matrix Marketing Group

B2B Conversion Rate by Industry 

Growth is key to any business, and in this section, you can begin to develop your KPIs, metrics, and benchmarks. Here we present the average conversion rate for 25 B2B industries.

You can use these benchmarks to compare your company’s marketing performance with the average performance of your competitors.

Next to each conversion rate, we’ve also included a suggestion from our experience working with clients in that specific industry. 

IndustryAverage Conversion RateConversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Strategy 
Computer Product Manufacturing1.1%Publish detailed product pages that highlight quality, price, and how the product exceeds industry benchmarks, including customer logos if possible.
B2B Software / SaaS1.1%Create a presentation deck on the problem they’re attempting to solve with your software and automatically send it to customers that submit their e-mail addresses. 
Scientific Testing & Measurement1.3%Have a website section dedicated to using case pages showing how the equipment or process has solved problems your customers have faced.
Higher Education1.4%Create a pillar page (cornerstone content) containing personal success stories from students, outcome statistics, and graphics showcasing the degree program’s value not just to the student but to communities.  
Commercial Insurance1.7%Use blog articles that contain ROI tables to illustrate how insurance is worth its price in situations businesses are likely to face. 
Solar Energy1.8%Given the prevalence of local searches in this industry, create original geotargeted landing pages based on local keyword searches. 
Investment and Wealth Management1.9%Offer insights on specific investment and wealth preservation strategies such as Section 754 elections, featuring each insight in a blog post. 
Commercial Construction1.9%Design geotargeted conversion-optimized landing pages for each service and sub-service. 
Pharmaceutical Sales2%Illustrate your products’ value to physicians, pharmacists, or other target markets using summaries of the health studies conducted on your products, highlighting favorable patient outcomes.   
Call Center and Customer Service2%Create an FAQ that lists common pain points businesses face with customer service and how outsourced services create greater efficiency and ROI. 
Rehabilitation & Recovery2.1%Publish case studies and personal stories (while protecting patient privacy) that describe how patients have worked through their addictions, sharing on social media simultaneously. 
Industrial IoT2.2%Utilizing thought leadership and white papers that describe the near future (1-2 years from now) and how successful businesses will modernize using industrial IoT. 
PCB Design & Manufacturing2.3%Be a leader in educational content, publishing blog articles on the situations your target audience faces that necessitate the use of your products or services.
Engineering Design Software2.3%Attract engineer-influencers by targeting technical keywords that only they would search for. Content should be very much “in the weeds.” 
Shipping & Logistics  2.7%Produce custom infographics showing the value of your services over the competition, including price, durability, and logistical advantages. 
Commercial Real Estate2.8%Write blog articles that discuss the current state of the local market along with trends in pricing and value, keeping these pieces updated quarterly. 
Heavy Equipment3%Create a series of Capabilities pages featuring your equipment. 
Lending and Loan Servicing3%Use a FAQ approach, ensuring every question and answer has its own page, targeting specific, low-in-the-funnel searches around the type of loans your company services.
Commercial Energy Management3.1%Create content “pods” of expertise around the major keywords that indicate an interest in your service or product. Each pod contains ~10 subpages tackling a more specific keyword within the pod’s container.
Medical Device and Equipment Manufacturing3.1%Build a series of problem and solution pages targeting key medical professionals’ key issues, citing clinical research on improved patient outcomes.
HVAC Services3.3%Geotarget all landing pages and blog posts for the area or areas served and transactional keywords targeted to local business owners. 
IT Staffing & Services3.5%Create a series of cost-benefit analysis articles that explain why outsourcing IT staff is more effective than hiring in-house. 
Staffing Services5.1%Target location keywords for each of the markets you work in, each type of employer, and each job position you help fill. 
Point of Sale (POS) Services7%Provide videos and free interactive demos of the POS system that visitors can try before investing. 
Legal Services7.4%Create in-depth, branded guides for the website that offer an appetizer portion of analysis around recent or highly searched for laws. 
Matrix Marketing Group

Digital Transformation Consulting

Management consulting is a dynamic and fast-paced industry that requires strong analytical skills to stay top of your game.

Matrix works with clients to identify problems, synthesize information from various sources, and develop strategies for action based on these findings while keeping an eye out for new trends.

All this is done with little distribution to your current operation.

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