Implementation of your marketing plan is the most critical part of the marketing process.

Your marketing plan implementation is essential if you want to grow your business. Do you have a plan? Do you have a way to measure and monitor all the activities during the implementation of the marketing plan?

You spent weeks maybe months developing your marketing plan. You presented it to senior management and they’ve approved it. Now what?

If you want results like these, you must develop a strong marketing plan with your channels and digital strategies.

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What is a Marketing Plan?

marketing plan is a report that outlines your marketing strategy for the coming year, quarter or month. Typically, a marketing plan will include these elements: An overview of your business’s marketing and advertising goals.

A marketing plan is more than a static document, memo, or spreadsheet. It’s a plan of action that gives structure and direction to your company’s marketing activities throughout the year.

The dynamics in an enterprise is much different in that of a small and midsize company.   Enterprises face its major challenge and moving marketing plans into action.

It’s because of the many layers of organizational structure and a large number of people complicate marketing plan implementation.

Do you want to see results like this?

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Matrix Marketing Group has ranked number one for some time. They got there by a focused SEO approach that required a tactical plan that could be measured and monitored.

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The Marketing Plan Implementation Process

implementation of marketing plan

An effective implementation plan indicates what activities are to be implemented. Who will be responsible for implementation, the time and location of implementation, how implementation will be done.

Identifying the activities spelled out what needs to be done. The assignment of responsibility indicates the people in the organizational units that will complete each activity.

Responsibilities for action may be shared between two or more marketing functions. The time and location of implementation set the schedule for completion of the activity and where their actions will take place. Finally, the specific actions necessary to complete the activity are specified.

Sales reps should target using a competitive product. The plan should be developed to convert 7% of these accounts to the company brand during the next year. Account listings will be prepared and distributed by brand management.

In this case, the sales force is responsible for implementation. An objective (7% conversion) is specified but very little is provided as to how the account will be converted.

The salesforce plan must translate the actions and objectives (7% conversion) and into salesperson responsibilities (quotas). The timetable, and guidelines for developing a sales strategy.

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Training may be necessary to demonstrate the product’s benefits and the competitor’s product limitations. This information will be useful for the sales rep in convincing the buyer to change to the company’s brand.

The marketing plan should establish which managers are responsible for implementing the various activities in the plan.

Deadlines indicate the time available for implementation. In the case of the marketing plan excerpt above, the sales manager is responsible for implementation.

Facilitating Your Marketing Plan Implementation

Managers are important facilitators in the implementation process. Some of those are more effective implementers and others. Your implementation plan in marketing requires you understand where you have been, what your competition is up to, and where you want to go.

Desirable implementation skills include:

  • The ability to understand how others feel, and good negotiating skills.
  • The strength to be tough and fair and putting people and resources where they are most effective.
  • Effectiveness is focusing on the critical aspects of performance and managing marketing activities.
  • The ability to create a necessary informal organization or network to match each problem with which they will be confronted with.

In addition to people, several implementation methods may facilitate the process. These include organizational design, incentives, and communications.

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Marketing Organizational Design

Certain organizational forms aid implementation, such as product manager and project teams. Management may create implementation teams consisting of representatives from the business functions and/or marketing activities involved.


Various rewards may help make implementation successful. Special incentives such as a contest, recognition, and extra compensation can encourage salespeople to push a new product.

Since implementation often involves teams of people, the creation of team incentives may be necessary. Performance standards must be fair, and incentives should encourage something more than acceptable performance.

Marketing Communications

Fast and accurate movement of information through the organization is important in facilitating the implementation of the marketing plan. Both vertical and horizontal communications are essential and linking together the people and activities involved in implementation.

Meetings, project management systems, status reports, and informal discussions help to move information within the organization. Computerized information and decision support systems can improve communication and speed and effectiveness.

We use a project management system called teamwork to facilitate the implementation of our marketing programs. It supports agile project management. It’s the CMO’s role to layout the marketing technology requirements.

Problems may occur during the implementation of the marketing plan which affects how fast and how well plans are put into action.

For example, competitor’s actions, internal resistance between departments, loss of key personnel, delays affecting product availability, and changes in the premise about the business environment.

Corrective actions may require appointing a person or team for troubleshooting the problem. This may include increasing or shifting resources or changing the original plan.

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Integrating Marketing into the Organization

Encouraging and facilitating a marketing orientation throughout the business is an important responsibility of the marketing department.  

The chief marketing officer of a SaaS company told me that the marketing and operations function is the customer service components of the firm.

She emphasized the supporting functions are elevated on the basis of how effectively they need the needs of marketing and operations. The CEOs operating philosophy must encourage a customer-driven approach throughout the organization.

The key issue in developing a marketing perspective is convincing every employee that customer satisfaction is his or her responsibility. Training programs are used to achieve an objective. The starting point is getting the entire management team to recognize its role and responsibility.

The characteristics and culture of a company may have an important effect on developing a marketing orientation in the business. Small companies can achieve integration more easily than large, multi-layered corporations.

The corporate culture may facilitate or constrain marketing integration. Managers of non-marketing functions must recognize the importance of meeting customer needs through the integrated marketing efforts of all business activities.

A strong commitment and active participation by the chief marketing officer are essential. He/she must integrate marketing into the thinking and actions of everyone in the company.

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The implementation of the marketing plan is affected by external organizations. These include marketing research firms, marketing consultants, advertising and public relations firms, channel numbers, and other organizations participating in the marketing efforts.

These outside organizations represent a major coordination challenge when they actively participate in marketing activities. Their efforts should be included in the marketing plan and the role and responsibilities clearly outlined and communicated.

There is a potential risk in not informing outside groups of planned actions, deadlines, and other marketing implementation requirements.

For example, the company’s digital marketing agency should be familiar with all aspects of the marketing strategy (e.g., target markets, positioning strategy, and marketing tactics).  Holding back information from them can hamper the contribution to strategic planning and implementation.

Wrap up – Implementation Marketing Plan

A brilliant strategic marketing plan counts for little if the implementation of your marketing plan is weak.

The importance of rapid, competent marketing execution in marketing programs, driven by the marketing executive ?s knowledge of the process of this execution is critical of a successful marketing plan implementation.

The further a marketing manager is removed from the content and execution of the marketing programs, the less effective his/her marketing program will be. They must be involved.

Most company marketing programs also require better marketing execution. Success is often determined where the rubber meets the road.

Working with your outside marketing agency to help develop ads, email programs, or other marketing deliverables is a critical process in implementing your marketing plan. There is implementation of marketing plan examples all over the web but often proof unless but are good outlines. These marketing plan implementation example may or may not help.

What are your tips for a great marketing plan implementation?

We’re listening.

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General FAQ’s – Implementation Marketing Plan

What is a small business marketing plan?

A small business marketing plan is essential for any small business to thrive. The marketing plan helps you actualize what your target market needs and how to reach your goals and objectives.

What is the difference between a small business marketing plan and an enterprise marketing plan?

The small business marketing plan is much different than one that would be created in a larger enterprise. However, fundamentals are the same.

How to create and implement a small business marketing plan?

It would help if you started with research, both primary and secondary. It will give your marketing plan information about your target market and understand how your product or service meets their needs. It also will identify your key competitors and what your target customers consider your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

The best small business marketing tools?

If you want to increase sales and keep your costs in check you need these marketing tools. No matter where you are in your biz, there are amazing tools that can save you dozens of hours per week, automate key marketing activities, and save you thousands of dollars on pricey freelancers.
1. Google Analytics
2. MailChimp
3. Hootsuite
4. Buzzsumo
5. SEMRush
6. SharpSpring
7. Activecampaign
8. Canva
9. Ahrefs

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