HubSpot sales can be easy with a few tips.

Hubspot’s pet project Sidekick has recently taken the stage as the full-fledged sales service: Hubspot Sales.

The average review rating has been less than glowing, coming in below two stars since its release.

Our first reaction at Matrix Marketing Group†was to investigate how a well-liked marketing automation†solution, like HubSpot, could be voted down†so quickly.

The comments read similarly to “Useless”, or “Destroyed my experience, no choice but to uninstall!” That is a strong, negative response that could be easy to piggyback and naturally users could move onto another solution.

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We have had tremendous success with previous Hubspot products so moving on from Hubspot Sales seemed too easy of an answer.

Let’s not forget people are naturally resistant to change, and it can distract them from the practical uses of new software. There is no ‘one size fits all answer when it comes to the sales and marketing technology.

Any bugs will be worked out in time so let’s look at the core product and the potential utility it offers.

Being technology agnostic at Matrix Marketing Group, we decided it was important to give the new Hubspot Sales a chance to guide our clients better when making purchasing decisions.

We quickly started to enjoy working with the new and improved Hubspot Sales but realized that it could be used inaccurately

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past couple of years, Hubspot has made its name off of being an inbound marketing software provider.

The ultimate purpose of inbound marketing is creating relationships with prospective buyers through content creation and avoiding random advertising insertion into people’s everyday lives.

Mindlessly injecting thoughts onto prospects has never been what they’ve built their business around.

Oniqua Case Study: Google Adwords

Grew website?traffic by 486%?in 3 months by using programmatic ad buys and testing over 24 ad variants.

Let’s take a detour quickly. Like any company that plans on being successful for the long-term, Hubspot has begun to diversify its product offerings. Marketing is only one side of the sales and marketing conundrum that most businesses continuously work through.

If HubSpot’s solutions only solve half their intended target’s problems they would slowly start to bleed clients to adapting competitors.

Inevitably, Hubspot has chosen to refocus the next phase of their business on their sales materials; this can be seen in their shift to sales based content creation, CRM improvements, and of course, the recreation of Hubspot Sales.

To get back on track, while product offerings may be expanding, changing their messaging could be considered inconsistent and counterproductive to past efforts. The early adopters of Hubspot Sales have been using the software incorrectly based on what Hubspot has intended the solution to solve.

Whereas MailChimp users can blast thousands of contacts with a curtain of outbound emails, Hubspot Sales is meant to enhance one-to-one, relationship-building sales processes.

There is nothing wrong with either of these products, but when used in the wrong context the user won’t receive the desired results. Each has its own place in the marketing and sales strategy of an organization.

How-To Use Hubspot Sales Properly

A process that correctly directs your team’s efforts can be the difference between seeing returns and tossing an underutilized product to the side without ever seeing its real potential. That leads us to the question; How do you properly use Hubspot Sales?

After adding the new Sales option, the CRM side opens up a different “Prospects” tab that has over 25 million companies that can be sub-divided to fit any ideal customer profile.

  • Marketing & Advertising Industry
  • 10+ Employees
  • $10+ million revenue
  • Located in Denver Colorado
Prospecting With Hubspot Sales
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Buffer

Let’s say Matrix Marketing Group has caught my sales team’s attention based on our ICP above and their current actions, but we still don’t have their attention.

The Chrome extension provides the personal details sales teams need to begin making a relationship with prospects. After adding the extension, you’ll see an Insights button appear on the right-hand side of the page when visiting websites.

Insights With Hubspot Sales
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Buffer

Great, our Insights tab shows George Schildge is the decision-maker I need to contact within the organization. Before closing Insights, add the company to the Hubspot CRM by clicking the orange “Add to Hubspot” button.

matrix marketing group
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Buffer
Matrix Marketing Group

In some cases, we’ll need to find an email address for this individual. This is where we like to employ a great tool called†or Email Hunter. Log into LinkedIn and search for the decision-maker you previously identified.

Once on their profile just click the capture button at the top of their page and will scrape the web for any relevant information about them, most importantly an email. With LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Buffer

Once the contact is in our CRM system, we can start implementing the real power of the Hubspot Sales tools. By dropping a sales prospect into a short, relevant, and personalized email sequence, you can begin to draw their attention without being overly intrusive.

These sequences will automatically send follow-up responses based on their activity or even inactivity. These are all personalized and adaptable with the new drag and drop templates.

Sequences With Hubspot Sales
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Buffer

The best part is each correspondence can be tracked through whichever email browser your company is using. You will never have to guess whether prospects are opening emails or if links are being clicked, all the data is present within Hubspot’s CRM.

Additional attributes include enrolling contacts from your in-box, prospect personalization, and a calendar with meeting tracker that can be added directly to the email.

Hubspot Sales is personal selling, meant to engage and interest your prospects. This is an alternative way to develop a sales strategy. If your sales team is feeling the squeeze when it comes to finding, qualified leads try out this guide to boost your sales pipeline.


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