Today, you have to create not only written content for your blog post but also adding video marketing content is skyrocketing. 

Today, if you want more web traffic, user engagement and trust, video marketing content is a must!

After all, Google wants to be your TV channel. So if you rely on the web for e-commerce or sales leads listen up. You must add videos to help boost your web traffic and search ranking.

Do you want to give your business a brand new boost and make it highly recognizable among target audiences? If yes, then professional marketing videos might as well be the perfect solution for your brand. Video content is super-important due to its numerous benefits, but we’ll get to that soon.

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.  Click To Tweet

The real issue is how to shoot a branded clip without jeopardizing your marketing budget. We all know that commercials such as Volvo’s attract millions of viewers, but not everyone has the same privilege to hire Jean-Claude Van Damme and make a high-budget video like this.

10+ Expert Predictions for the Future of Video Marketing in 2019

On the contrary, most companies are struggling to make ends meet and reduce marketing investments, so it’s always a good idea to learn how to cut costs without ruining brand awareness.

If you also need help with this, keep reading to find out how to create great video marketing content on a student budget.

What Makes Video Content So Critical?


Before we show you the practical tips on how to shoot amazing videos, we want to explain why you should choose this marketing tactic over others. Namely, video content is incredibly popular these days because it offers marketers a wide range of advantages:

  • Raise awareness: Consumers love videos and they remember it much better than other content types. 
  • Attractiveness: Videos are visually appealing and attractive. Unlike static formats, videos give people the notion of dynamic and movement. 
  • Search engines love it: Videos often rank highly in engine searches.
  • Build authority: A well-produced video helps you to build professional authority among customers.
  • Product presentations: Modern users analyze products and services before buying, which is why you can often see pages such as reviews or the best assignment help. However, there is no better way to present a new product than to create a video about it. 
  • Potential to go viral: If you create standout content, it could easily become viral.
  • Social sharing: Social media users love sharing great videos on their profiles. 
  • Conversion potential: Videos proved to generate leads and drive conversions very successfully.

The advantages of video marketing are obvious but don’t think this is nothing more than our opinion. Various studies proved the influence of this content format, but we will show you only a few of those:

  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. 
  • Almost 80% of organizations attracted more traffic to their websites after using videos. 
  • Over 70% of customers would rather watch a video to learn about products than any other type of content.

7 Tips to Make Amazing Videos

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The introduction is over and now we can focus on what matters the most here. Without further ado, let’s see seven tips that can help you to make amazing videos without spending too much money.

Plan before starting

Before you begin shooting a video, you must think about it and prepare a good strategy. First of all, make sure to know why you are creating a video. Is it to raise awareness or to drive new conversions? Secondly, do you know what your audience loves watching? The screenplay will largely depend on your answers. 

Jake Gardner, a content creator at the essay writing service Australia, says that the plan enables you to shoot a good video and determine key performance indicators (KPIs): “KPIs will help you to measure the results of the clip and improve down the road, so you can spend less money to make better videos.”

Keep it short with video marketing content

Do you know that videos less than 90 seconds in length see an average retention rate of 59%, as compared to videos over 30 minutes that retain only 14% of viewers? It’s a signal to shoot shorter clips and attract more users. 

The best marketers are able to do it in less than a minute. Remember those funny Old Spice commercials? They make millions of users smile and take only about 30 seconds to do it. And shorter videos give you another privilege – you don’t have to spend too much time and money shooting them.

Optimize videos

Another important recommendation is to optimize your videos perfectly. What does it mean? Well, if you want to get noticed without sponsoring the content, you must use the right keywords to maximize discoverability. Professional essay writing services put an emphasis on two components here – video titles and descriptions. This is where you need to add the right keywords and help online searchers to find you easily.

Use free video editors

You can hardly create a good video without professional editing software, but who says you need to pay for it? The Internet is packed with nice video editors that you can use free of charge, with our favorites being these:

  • Blender: Blender is a user-friendly tool because it’s easy to figure out even for beginner-level editors. 
  • Lightworks: This option comes with lots of free features, including multicam support and highly accurate trimming.  
  • Shotcut: It’s an open-source video editing platform that you can use for free if your script doesn’t require fancy visual effects. 

Tell a story

The quality of your video is important, but it doesn’t have to reach the Hollywood production level if you tell a nice story. This is your chance to impress the audience by sending a powerful message instead of using expensive video effects.

This is exactly what Google is doing with its annual Year In Search videos. Although being one of the most profitable companies in the world, they understand that the magic lies in storytelling, not money.

Go live with video marketing content

Another low-cost but high-profit solution is to go live and avoid prerecording videos in the first place. It’s a relatively new format but it quickly became popular among customers because it looks more natural and compelling than prearranged video clips. 

How does it work? The process is simple – choose a topic, prepare for it, and start talking. For instance, you can pick a topic such as college homework help or do my homework and discuss how to deal with these tasks in a step-by-step manner. 


University of Denver

We’ve met their students, eaten in their dining halls, and uncovered their differentiators.

Users love live videos because it gives them the opportunity to engage and ask you questions in real-time. Of course, your goal is to respond to interesting comments or inquiries. It doesn’t only increase watch time but also helps you to build relationships with the followers.

Promote your content

The last tip is rather obvious, but we still need to mention it. People and businesses publish millions of videos every day, so you can hardly make a breakthrough if you don’t promote your content on social media. Therefore, you should take advantage of your social media accounts to reach more viewers and give your brand an extra boost.

Conclusion Video Marketing Content

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Your content marketing efforts and marketing campaigns will be enhanced by the type of video you use. Your video marketing strategy should contain a plan for landing pages, case studies, explainer videos, and other online videos that your potential customers will love and share.

Online marketers we’re always watching their viewer watches, engagements, and ultimately the sales leads.  The marketing world wants great video content and companies want it to build trust.

Video content is the essence of modern marketing, but it takes a lot of skills and experience to understand how to shoot quality content without overinvesting.

In this article, you could learn about the benefits of video marketing and realize how to create great video marketing content on a shoestring budget. Tell us what you think about it in comments and feel free to add your suggestions – we would be glad to see it!

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