The rate of change and digital transformation trends are reshaping the healthcare industry.

Did you know how digital transformation trends are reshaping the healthcare industry? Do you remember the time when you had to visit the doctor and wait for two hours until you were called upon to get a routine checkup?

In case, if the doctor wanted you to get some tests done, waiting for reports would take two days or more. Sometime the delay may be because of the health insurance and insurance plans.

But it’s most likely because of a health care industry that has, mostly, ignored emerging technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning, and other process improvements leading to big opportunities for the health system to be improved.

Thank God that era has now long gone. Or is there still room for more improvement?

Thanks to advanced technologies which we are using daily. The need to address the comfort of an average customer within any industry has become more of a necessity in the modern day world. Or else, a competitor running the same digital solution as you can take away that opportunity from you.

Digital transformation has now enabled many modern day businesses to deliver a luxurious experience to their respective customers. Just like any other business, digital transformation is breaking new grounds in healthcare like no other profession in the entire world.

The virtual caregiver Addison is already a great example that will soon help and support over 10,000+ aging individuals in America who are turning 65. In fact, digital transformation has revolutionized a lot over the years.

digital transformation trends

Here is a list of digital transforming applications in the healthcare industry


Back in 2017, there were almost 7 million healthcare patients who were getting medical help through telehealth solutions. Today, these numbers have quadrupled.

Because now telemedicine is delivering medical help to individuals who are living in the most remote locations of the world. Medical practitioners can now perform a thorough diagnosis of the patient by asking them a series of questions on the phone.


So what if you aren’t able to fly all the way to the United States and get treated by an expert? By just calling them and sharing your symptoms with them you can get a life-saving diagnosis.

Not only do they stop there, but they also provide you solutions to survive cancer. By offering healthcare help on call, hospitals in the United States have successfully minimized the readmission rates of the patients by offering them real-time monitoring.

Thanks to different wearables, hospitals can now create post-discharge plans for patients.

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Speaking of wearables, various mobile apps and devices are playing a major role to connect, track and take precautionary measures beforehand for their patients. Several wearables are now enabling medical practitioners to perform ECG and EKG monitoring. Not only that many other common medical measurements such as skin temperature, glucose level, and blood pressure readings can also be taken.

60% of operations in the healthcare field have successfully adopted IoT or IoMT systems. There are over 20 and 30 billion IoMT devices expected to get deployed by 2020. And by the year 2021, the market for IoT device is expected to reach $136 billion, according to Allied Marketing Research report.

healthcare digital transformation trends

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Healthcare systems are now implementing artificial intelligence to create a better customer experience for the average users. With AI implementations, body scans and other services have improved over passaging time.

Another great benefit of having AI is that it allows medical practitioners to perform 150 times faster body scans than a normal human radiologist. And the scans these machines perform can detect symptoms for something such as acute neurological events in just under 1.2 seconds.

With such modern AI tools customers do not have to wait in long everlasting queue lines or spend hours to get treated. They have amazing customer experience in just a handful number of minutes.

Another great benefit of AI implementations is that integrates modern day treatment solutions with different industries. As a result, it decreases the cost of implementation, stops identity theft & improves healthcare operations.


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Blockchain Steps into the World of Healthcare

Planning to change your general physician? I can tell how frustrating it is to transfer your patient files from one location to another. However, things are changing with the blockchain technology. The whole outdated process of file transferring has now become a distant memory.

With blockchain, you can automatically pull up your specific patient files from the public ledger and display it to your new general physician in the blink of an eye. Many startups are investing their budgets in blockchain technology. Here is a great post that will enable you to understand how you can generate your startup budget quickly.

And the best part about blockchain is, it will contain a complete account of your medical history. With blockchain, not only your medical records are well protected and secure, but you can also have the best care. As a result, even hospitals and insurance companies are thankful for this technology because it saves them money.

healthcare marketing plan

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) Technology

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) seem to have been on the cusp of mainstream success for years. These digital transformation trends seem to be showing signs of promise.

We are already living in a time where AR is helping doctors to learn how to perform dangerous surgical procedures. Some surgeons are even performing heart surgeries without even using human beings as the subject element.

Although that’s just one benefit, AR/VR is also helping Alzheimer’s and dementia patients to retrieve their memories. It is also helping them to develop a sense of joy which motivates them to heal back up soon.

Have you seen how much support dogs have contributed to curing Alzheimer’s patient? It was observed that it brings back their childhood memories and contribute to the feeling of joy among individuals.

Now imagine how much AR/VR will contribute to that experience. And that’s what digital transformation is all about.  

AR has a key role to play in guaranteeing the quality of such consultations. This is especially true in our own field of surgery. Rather than simply being about diagnostics, the Proximie app uses AR to allow complete surgical procedures to be carried out over distance.

With a specialist using the AR tools to guide and collaborate with a colleague in real time. The immediacy of this knowledge sharing means expertise can reach further than ever before, improving access to surgery.

Wrap up on Digital Transformation trends and the Healthcare Industry

Whether you’re a leader, advocate or influencer in health, we have the support to help deliver the innovation and insight needed to power thriving organizations, support vibrant communities and address the most complex issues facing the healthcare industry.

Digital transformation is creating some real waves in the world of healthcare. It has given rise to modern machines which can now perform complex activities.

From operating patients to organizing medical records, from picking the right medicines to becoming a hospital friendly assistant, technology is transforming the modern day healthcare into an amazing experience for patients around the world.

We’re listening.

Have something to say about the digital transformation trends and how they relate to the healthcare industry? Share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or our LinkedIn.

Irfan Ak is a digital marketing strategist at Branex & Windsor, or a guest blogger on various websites. He is a passionate digital strategist. He has worked with various other brands and created value for them.

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