Great content marketers use proofreading tools to watch their spelling and grammar.


Online content offers the reader a window through which to view a business. Poorly written content can make viewers hit the exit key within seconds. Content writing should never be undertaken lightly. The process should start well in advance. Last minute writing poses the risk of errors.


Another factor that plays an exceptionally important role in good content marketing is proofreading and checking for grammar mistakes. Error-free writing makes for good content which generates more traffic and increases transaction volumes. These great tools help improve your writing skills as well.


Many content marketers rely on grammar and proofreading checkers available online. These are some examples content marketers can try.


Here’s the list of the top 12 grammar and proofreading tools:


  1. Grammarly
  2. After the Deadline
  3. Ginger Online
  4. SpellCheckPlus
  5. Hemingway
  6. LanguageTool
  7. WhiteSmoke
  8. Readability Test Tool
  9. ProWritingAid
  10. Paper Rater
  11. Grammar Check
  12. Edit Minion


This online proofreading tool can do everything the others do, but it also has an excellent feature that you may want to take advantage of. Along the top of the page are options to read your text for weak words, cliché, passive voice, and more. Each feature has an on/off switch, so you can set up the tool to read only for certain weaknesses in your text. If you know you struggle with certain issues in your writing, this is the best tool for weeding them out before publication.


So let’s dive in and see why these tools are so helpful.




grammar tools




1. Grammarly


Grammarly, an online proofreading tool, is a highly comprehensive grammar, spelling, and punctuation checker a content writer can access online. The tool boasts millions of users. The writer has a choice when it comes to using Grammarly.


A file can be uploaded for editing and proofreading, or the writing can be done directly within the tool. The user can also select between U.S, U.K, Canadian, and Australian English which have different spelling and punctuation rules and grammar conventions.


Grammarly has a free and paid version. The free version is comprehensive as it identifies spelling and punctuation errors. The results also point out grammatical mistakes. Not only does the tool point out the errors, but it also gives suggestions for the writer to use to correct them.


Grammarly Premium and Business are paid options. The tool goes further and identifies more advanced language and grammar errors. Premium is for one user while Business is a team option for 3-100 users. Visit Grammarly for pricing structures.


The tool offers free browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It is featured as an app in Chrome, Windows, and Microsoft Office. The Microsoft Office app includes an interface with Outlook which is handy for writing newsletters for an email list.




2. After the Deadline


After the Deadline is an open source language checking tool. Running a piece of writing through After the Deadline allows the tool to detect look for contextual spelling errors. The tool also offers advice on style and grammar. Artificial intelligence and natural language processing are utilized to ensure that errors are identified, and the style remains natural.


The user copies and pastes text or has the option of writing in the tool. After pasting or completing the written piece, the user needs only click the ‘check writing’ button to access the tool.


Many bloggers turn to After the Deadline as the tool is a plug-in for WordPress, currently the most popular blog platform. After the Deadline also works for browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.


For those writing in English, the tool only distinguishes between U.S, U.K., and Canadian spelling at this stage. Grammar convention variations are not featured. The tool does not only support English. As a WordPress plug-in, After the Deadline supports French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese in terms of spelling.


After the Deadline is free for personal use. The tool can be used for commercial requirements if the organization uses the free server software offered.




12 Grammar and Proofreading Tools




3. Ginger Online


Ginger is a comprehensive grammar checker. The tool detects spelling and grammar errors and offers advice on correction. The range of input languages Ginger supports is impressive and includes over 50 languages.


Ginger comes in a free or premium format. Premium offers different payment options. Billing takes place monthly, quarterly, and annually. View the different prices here.


The premium version offers more advanced grammar checking facilities. Reduced rates are offered when multiple licenses are purchased for commercial use. Special student discounts also apply.


Ginger is available for Desktop, Microsoft Office, Chrome, Safari, Android, and iOS. For mobile use, the tool is available as an app in Google Play and Apples’ App Store. The tool allows the writer to get spelling and grammar checking done across various platforms.


This includes identifying misused words, words misspelled in context, incorrect irregular verb conjugations, and subject-verb concord. The tool offers suggested replacements for errors and includes the rephrasing of sentences containing grammar errors.


Installed for Microsoft Office, Ginger gets to work while the writer is generating content in MS Word. The tool doesn’t take over the grammar and spelling checker Word offers. Instead, the two tools work side-by-side. Ginger identifies more advanced grammar errors.








4. SpellCheckPlus


Users can access the site and its elementary services for free. The tool identifies basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.


One of the tool’s key features is identifying misused words, a problem commonly experienced by non-native writers. The meaning of sentences is not checked by SpellCheckPlus. Provided the sentence is grammatically correct, the tool will ignore it.


Writers wanting more advanced services should purchase the Pro version. Refer to for prices. Pro includes the removal of advertising, language and grammar improvement exercises, and advice on a better word usage.


Word usage is a huge feature of attention-grabbing content writing. SpellCheckPlus offers the user alternative synonyms to overused words.


Like other tools, the writer can choose between copying and pasting text from a different program like MS Word or typing in the tool. There is an imposed 500-word limit on how much text can be submitted at a time on the free version. Break longer written pieces up into sections.


SpellCheckPlus is highly recommended for second language English speakers. The tool is process-based, allowing writers to learn from their mistakes in stages. It divides errors into categories and summarized so that the writer can work on one set of errors at a time.




5. Hemingway


The Hemingway App is perfect for verifying if a piece needs any finishing touches before publishing. The focus of the tool is to examine and determine the standard of the language the writer has used.


Hemingway grades the writing according to several factors. Based on the complexity of a text, the tool rates it according to the grade-level reading ability it requires.


First, the tool examines how many adverbs the writer has used and identifies the use of the passive voice. Based on the word count, Hemingway suggests how many adverbs and passive voice usages the writer should include. The writer should consider making some changes if there are too many adverbs and too much use of the passive voice.


Next, Hemingway analyses the complexity of language used within each sentence. The tool highlights phrases in the sentences that the writer might want to consider altering to simplify them. Directing the mouse to hover over the identified phrase, Hemingway suggests alternative phrasing.


The final analysis Hemingway does is highlighting sentences that are hard to read or very hard to read. The writer can focus on these sentences and simplify them.


Hemingway is available online for free. The app can be purchased for a computer desktop, allowing the writer to use it offline. Look on for prices.







6. LanguageTool


One of LanguageTool’s most powerful features is that it can be used in more than 20 different languages. The tool can be installed as an add-on to Chrome.


There is a free version and a paid version. The free version has a 2,000-character limit per piece the tool checks. Longer documents must be run through the tool in batches.


Errors are checked based on language usage patterns. The tool allows the user to choose between U.S, U.K, Australian, New Zealand, South African, and Canadian English.


The Premium version allows for 40,000 characters per entered written piece. Another attractive option is that the tool can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word add-on. LanguageTool works with Word’s checking features to make sure the final version is free of any errors. The prices can be checked on


Using the tool in Word is easy. Incorrect words and phrases are highlighted for the writer. Clicking on a highlighted word or phrase will open a window with an explanation of the error and a suggested correction. Clicking on the suggested correction will insert it into the text.


LanguageTool can work as an add-in for Chrome and Firefox. There is also a desktop version of LanguageTool which allows the writer to work offline.




7. WhiteSmoke


As a grammar checker, the reporting feature on WhiteSmoke is comprehensive. The written piece rates the writing and offers a review of areas for development. Six different categories are covered in the review. The categories are sentence structure, word choice, expressions, active and passive voice, sentence length, and word redundancy.


The piece is also checked for spelling and punctuation errors. There is also a style check run on the writing to make sure it’s in keeping with the intended purpose and audience needs.


Additional features are a translator function and a plagiarism checker. These make WhiteSmoke a formidable tool for any writer. Video tutorials are available to users to view to help them get the most out of the tool.


WhiteSmoke boasts a program that works of the artificial intelligence feature of natural language processing (NLP).


Installing WhiteSmoke allows the writer to use it in a variety of contexts. These include Microsoft Office, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. The different options include Essential, Premium, and Business. The pricing structure is available on There is also a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.


WhiteSmoke does not have a free version. However, given the features it offers and the competitive prices, using the tool will be well worth the investment.




Proofreading Tools Content Marketers




8. Readability Test Tool – WebpageFX


Readability is a crucial factor in good content marketing. A written piece that is unfriendly to the reader will put them off. The result will be a loss of traffic and sales. Having written a piece and checked it for errors is not enough. Good content is checked for readability prior to publishing.


The standard of readability is based on the intended audience. The aim of checking and improving readability is to reach and resonate with as many members of the target audience as possible.


A readability score gives an indication of the level of education a reader would need to understand the text. Factors that go toward measuring readability are sentence length and the use of complex or multi-syllabic words. Most experts advise aiming for a readability score of Grade 8.


WebpageFX gives the writer a chance to type in the URL of the written piece. Text can also be entered by direct input. A comprehensive report is generated. In the report, the writer can find the rating and statistics relevant to the readability score.


The tool also offers tips and advice for writers who want to adjust the readability of their text. These include adjusting vocabulary and writing styles.




free marketing assessment




9. ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid is marketed as going above and beyond what a regular grammar checker offers. The tool is regarded as being a writing coach as well.


One of the tool’s greatest advantages are the tips and advice offered when it comes to style. The tool searches for sentences that might be grammatically correct but remain clumsy or wordy.


Grammar and spelling are also the subjects of the ProWritingAid tool. All errors are highlighted with suggested corrections. The tool also offers a thesaurus which allows a writer to diversify their vocabulary and use more appropriate words.


In context assessment of words is done and alternative suggestions are then made. This is a special focus for the writer who wishes to eliminate overused words. Synonyms for repeated words are also offered.


Throughout the process, the tool offers writers detailed explanations of errors and shows how to avoid them in the future. A dashboard is presented to the writer regarding sentence length to indicate where sentences might need to be restructured.


The tool can be used as a web extension and in Google Docs and Microsoft Word. It can also be installed on the desktop. The Premium version offers different payment options which can be explored on




10. Paper Rater


Content marketers need to proofread their writing for spelling and grammar mistakes. But to ensure that you are not creating duplicate content they typically check for plagiarism too.


Use this tool and check your writing with it. The tool will tell you if any section of it raises alerts for plagiarism. There are a lot of writers who have been burned who haven’t meant to plagiarize but have written pieces that are too close to their original source.




11. Grammar Check


This spelling and grammar checking tool understands that your words are all you have when you are online. Writing is how you present yourself to the world, so it really is vital to do it right. This tool helps you to check your writing and helping you gain authority.




12. Edit Minion


This online proofreading tool can do everything the others do. However, it has an excellent feature that you may want to take advantage of. Along the top of the page are options to read your text for weak words, cliché, passive voice, and more. Each feature has an on and off switch, so you can set up the tool to read only for certain weaknesses in your text. If you know you struggle with certain issues in your writing, this is the best tool for weeding them out before publication.




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Wrap Up


A content writer or marketer is only as good as the last piece they published. The amount of care and consideration given to written pieces is intense. Having a reliable proofreading and grammar checking tool is essential. All the online tools have strength and limitations. The choice depends on the needs and budget of the writer.


Tells me your favorite proofreading tool @mmgtweets.


And don’t forget to share this with a friend.

Peter Hill is the best editor of BestEssayTips. He is a socially active person, likes traveling and photo/video editing. Feel free to contact him on Google+.




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