A marketing agency can boost leads and sales.

I’ll explore what to look for in a Denver Digital Marketing Agency

Finding the right Denver digital marketing agency is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business in today’s competitive marketplace. 

There are many Denver digital marketing agencies, however, be sure you vet them. What is there speciality? Do they practice what they preach? Have them show you.

Matrix Marketing Group has worked with over 12,000 clients and projects. And trust me, when we are asked for a reference for a $10,000 project do you think our clients want to be bothered by calls from our prospective clients.

With over 75 requests for some marketing help a week. And each of them asked us for three references that are 225 calls to our clients per week. 

Only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. (Econsultancy, 2016) Click To Tweet

My point here is rather than calling a reference (have you ever had a bad one, let me know) have the digital marketing agency show you how they do for its digital marketing agency and what results they have seen.

Sure at an every macro-level a case study works, but after doing this for over 20 years it is rare after running multivariate testing that any one company is the same. If they are they are in big trouble.

Companies, of all sizes, are struggling to find digital marketing talent so small businesses are turning to a digital marketing agency.

No matter what type of business you’re promoting, a good agency can help your business grow — or destroy it.

What is a marketing agency?

marketing agency offers a broad range of services to help you implement an integrated marketing strategy for all your brand goals. Unlike a firm, a marketing agency is made up of a group of “agents,” or individuals who operate under one brand, but typically act independently.

What is a digital marketing agency?

digital marketing agency is an outside resource that provides a wide variety of digital marketing services under one umbrella that a business typically does not have in-house expertise. The digital marketing agency has numerous client goals, but the ultimate goal is to help you increase your product and service sales through their marketing work.

What Prevents Small Business from Sales Growth?


Small business is on a tight budget and needs to fire on all cylinders all the time to be successful.

In our experience companies that select the wrong digital marketing agency to end up missing one, two or all three important elements:

  1. The right digital marketing strategy
  2. The right marketing
  3. The right technology

Let’s take each one of these and break it down.

After running a digital marketing agency for over seventeen years, I have seen the marketing industry advanced faster and it is speeding up. What’s happening in our clients there are huge gaps in marketing talent, marketing technology, and marketing strategy.

The marketing departments and sales teams are facing pressure to measure their rate of return on their marketing campaigns and CEOs are demanding that they connect every dollar they spend to the bottom-line results. However marketers today are unprepared and underperforming.

 I recall reading your report by Adobe called digital distress and what keeps marketers up at night in the report stated that 68% of marketing professionals feel more pressure to show return on marketing spend, only 40% think their company’s marketing is effective. Sound familiar?

Right now it’s an exciting time to be in marketing if you’re in digital marketing. Digital marketing has revolutionized the industry and the job market. 

We’re seeing a huge shortage of people with the proper digital marketing skills. Corporate marketing departments, small businesses, and some marketing agencies struggle to recruit and keep qualified professionals.

 And it’s no wonder that we’re seeing the shortage not only because of the demand and that fact that the universities are not providing the right course curriculum for students to come out qualified for the positions that are open.

Then there’s the marketing technology gap. It has traditionally been the role of IT to select technology and implement it. But with today’s SaaS models installing and getting up and running is easier.

The hard part is the digital strategy, buyers journey mapping, personas, messaging, sales funnel, and workflow development.

Demand remains strong for digital marketers though the supply of candidates will be tight. Click To Tweet

Marketers are being called upon to take a leading role in the selection, and implementation and running the marketing technology.

So here we have a shortage of digital marketing skills and a shortage of marketing technology skills. then I would like to know who is developing the marketing strategies specifically the digital marketing strategies.

Because without the talent and knowledge there is no way you will create a digital marketing strategy that works. Your digital marketing strategy has to be tested in multi marketing channels.

And to do this you will need technology. And you will need the right marketing technology but also people that know how to use the technology.

The right technology for your business depends on your strategy. You need a technology foundation that supports, manages and scales your marketing activities. 

Let me go back to the Adobe report for a minute where they asked a thousand marketers what do you think will be the most important to marketing in the next 3 years?

All you can imagine there was no consensus. And it’s a lack of consensus they could tribute did the variance in the industry, budgets, company sizes, geographic regions or many factors.

But it can also highlight a growing strategy gap in which marketers lack the knowledge and capabilities needed to effectively prioritize activities and allocate the proper resources.

This is so dangerous for startups and small businesses that rely on very thin budgets. So they’re spending their money on marketing programs that have not been tested and their marketing burn rate is too high. So if you don’t have the expertise find it, hire it, and outsource it.

So you can see this is a three-legged stool with marketing talent, digital marketing strategy, and marketing technology to scale the marketing operation.  Notice that if you’re missing any of those elements the three-legged stool only has one leg maybe two its will not stand on its own.

At Matrix Marketing Group, a Denver digital marketing agency, we advise our clients to have the following – a marketing automation system, a CRM system, a sales communication platform, and a social media platform (if the marketing automation tool doesn’t have it).

There is a growing strategy gap in which marketers lack the knowledge and capabilities needed to effectively prioritize activities and allocate the proper resources. Click To Tweet

You don’t need an expensive marketing automation system, to begin with. During your initial prep phase, you should be doing market research, honing your sales marketing messages, and do multivariate, multi-channel testing before you scale.

If you are not understanding this, you should brush up digital marketing more. There is a tone of micro-learning for digital marketing found here.

They often look for a marketing agency near me. But do you need your digital marketing agency near you?

Not today, Matrix Marketing Group doesn’t have an office in Italy or Switzerland yet we do business with clients in those countries. Sames goes in the US with California and Texas. You get my point, right? 

Companies that have adopted marketing automation out-perform those that haven’t

denver marketing agency

Why are top-performing businesses winning with marketing automation? In a nutshell:  higher conversion rates and better data. 

Marketing automation provides a digital infrastructure to manage, measure, and optimize your sales and marketing funnel

You can get in front of prospects earlier and stay engaged with modern buyers who are hyper-connected, empowered, and impatient.

But even more important than the latest shiny tools of the trade, is finding the right talent to guide your efforts. If the agency doesn’t have the right people, they will run you straight off a cliff. 

Having just the right mix of talent to guide and execute your marketing strategy will make or break your ROI.

As important as concrete skills and experience are, it’s just as vital to have a marketing agency that integrates smoothly into your business. 

It’s rare to find a true collaboration that can happen when the marketing agency becomes a seamless part of your business. You’re looking for the best marketing agency in the business, one that can become as savvy about your industry as you are.

What Type of Marketing Agency is Right for You?

denver marketing firm

If you’re searching for a successful digital marketing agency partnership for your business, you have several types to choose from.

Here are some pros and cons to consider when selecting a digital marketing agency:

Freelancers or independent contractors

Freelancers are the least expensive option. They’re a good choice for small businesses that need a single project complete. 

However, freelancers are specialized in a particular area, so you must manage more than one freelancer if you need more than a single task to support. This is what I call communication overhead. Hidden costs.

Traditional Marketing Firms or Boutique Firms

These traditional marketing agencies focus on one or two marketing techniques and avoid the rest. If your strategy is to increase your social media presence, for example, these types of agencies may be all you need. 

On the flip side, if you need additional services to grow revenue, you might search for another agency or agencies to fill the gaps.

Hybrid Agencies

Digital marketing agencies combine the best of all worlds, offering marketing talent, marketing strategy and execution, and marketing technology to grow a business. 

The digital marketing agencies use an agile marketing approach that is holistic and provides you with the talent, technology, and strategy to map your sales process, test digital campaigns, and scale your sales and marketing operation to help grow your revenue. 

They have a senior-level team with cross-functional talent, so you get experts in all areas of marketing. 

There’s a lot of peace of mind with this approach since your outsourced marketing resources support all of the areas of marketing your team may lack or just don’t have the time to get everything done.

Finding the right agency-partner will be one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the lifetime of your business. 

Choose wisely — the digital marketing agency you select will help you create more qualified leads, invest in your future business growth, and monitoring your marketing return-on-investment (ROI). Where it is a digital marketing agency near me or in another geographic area.

Think of it this way, your digital marketing agency will need soft skills as well. Can they think of 30,000 feet with your business strategy and get dirty with keyword research and SEO implementation at the script level.

And help you develop a predictable revenue model that you can scale to grow your business. No more complicated than that.

The agency you choose should address your business’ specific goals. They are nimble, action-oriented and can quickly leverage real-time marketing opportunities. Look for a team that is diverse — of skill set, thinking, and experience. 

You want teams that are unselfish and autonomous, but one that is cross-functional. Everyone on the team has a clear view of the future and becomes a seamless extension of your team.

Matrix Marketing Group is an example of a hybrid agency, offering both strategy and implementation of marketing techniques designed help you find active vs. passive buyers to grow your business. 

Matrix Marketing Group will design packaged marketing solutions customized to achieve your business goals. 

Wrap-up on Denver Digital Marketing Agency

denver digital marketing agency

As a marketer if you’re feeling overwhelmed, unprepared, understaffed, and under increasing pressure to perform despite the odds, you’re not alone. Your competitors face the same in posing marketing gaps. And I bet some of your peers do too.

Traditional marketing talent, marketing Technologies, and digital marketing strategies must evolve.  there’s a huge opportunity for you to re-engineer your approach to digital marketing whether you do it yourself or hire a digital marketing agency, like Matrix Marketing Group.

 The one tip I can give you about digital marketing is you must be continually learning and keeping up-to-date. When Google updated, a major update, all the forums were light up with business wondering what happens to their track.

drop in web traffic

I spoke to a prospect on Monday and they saw a 50% drop in traffic. Yeah, that hurts. They were getting about 10,000 visitors per week and it dropped to under 5,000. They had no idea Google was performing an update on their search algorithm. 

Whew, we were able to get 50% of the traffic back in 2 weeks. Business is not a game when there’s stakeholder involved.

Google rolls out 500 to 600 changes to its search algorithms each year. However, many of these changes are minor and the average web user wouldn’t even notice that changes have taken place. So watch out.

May 2021, Google has Page experience update rolling out. Are you ready?

Here’s an example of worldclass SEO practices. These result were in 3-months.

best seo results denver
Matrix Marketing Group

Be able to know your numbers analyze those numbers and create effective digital marketing campaigns that can be scaled to drive predictable revenue. 

We’re listening.

Have something to say about your thoughts on selecting the right marketing agency and share the good and the bad? 

Share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Are you not getting the results you had hoped for with your current marketing agency? Let the experts at this digital marketing agency help you generate more web traffic, convert more leads, and close more sales. Our team knows just what it takes to build and maintain a proven marketing strategy that drives high-quality leads and converts more sales. For more information, check out our marketing services or contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs and our services.

General FAQ’s

What does a Denver marketing agency do?

Denver marketing agencies can help your business develop a marketing strategy, plan and manage campaigns, support marketing technology or provide specific services, such as public relations or market research. Some focus specifically on startups and small businesses.

What is a marketing agency?

marketing agency creates and executes a marketing strategy, conducts market research, test strategies, and scale a marketing operation to increase the sales and profits of a company, seeks to build relationships with your target audience. There are three types of marketing agencies.

What can a marketing agency do for me?

marketing agency can help you get more leads and convert more leads into sales. They can build a predictable sales model done through multivariant, multi-channel testing and technology to scale.

What makes a good digital marketing agency?

great Denver digital marketing agency should be excellent in acquiring, engaging with, and retaining customers. The agency you partner with must prioritize your customer’s needs and build marketing campaigns around your business objectives.

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