If you are a small business owner or startup with an e-commerce website, you should look at these top tools to embed an Instagram feed right onto your site.

Embed Instagram feed tools can help boost leads, engagements, and sales. See which tool fits your e-commerce site.

E-Commerce or electronic commerce means buying and selling of goods using Internet services. Among buyers, it is commonly recognized by the name of online shopping.

Today, businesses have completely evolved themselves according to the changing interests and the exponentially growing involvement of Internet and social media in the lives of their audiences.

Talking about social media, one platform which has prominently dominated all other social channels is ‘Instagram’. People love Instagram posts.

Where ordinary people are fascinated by its unique features which allow them to edit and beautify their images along with providing special effects, big brands and businesses are leveraging its innovative and intelligent tools for enhancing their marketing and sales.

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It is a well-known fact that almost every brand today is harnessing the potential of Instagram for its business promotion but the question is – how is Instagram helpful in upgrading user-engagement and most importantly sales on an e-commerce website?

One way of harnessing the user-generated Instagram content for your E-Commerce website is by embedding Instagram Feeds on your website.

It helps you to utilize the online presence of your brand giving your consumers an opportunity to share their good and bad reviews on your website, and all this is possible when you embed Instagram feeds on your website.

The users today are most active on Instagram and by sharing their insights, they are unknowingly creating some really interesting and engaging content for that brand.

This user-generated Instagram content is further curated and circulated by the brand as a promotional social media feed. There are different Instagram Photo display tools which allow you to integrate your Instagram photos, videos, reviews, etc. on your website.

Let’s discuss some of these most popular and impactful tools in detail.

List of Tools to Embed Instagram Feed on your e-Commerce Website

1. Taggbox

embed Instagram feed

Taggbox is one of the most intelligent and user-friendly Instagram aggregators which is emerging as a revolutionary initiative in the field of digital marketing. It allows you to easily embed Instagram feed on various website building platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace and many more.

It helps an individual or a brand to discover the most relevant user-generated content on Instagram using a hashtag or a username. Once all the data is collected, its powerful moderation panel filters unwanted content and presents to you the most pertinent content for your brand’s promotion.

Apart from moderating the content, this tool has also got some really tempting and eye-catching themes to meet the requirements of your website. This aggregator then provides you with a code which you can simply add to your website where you want to embed your Instagram feed.

More than 10,000 big brands have collaborated with Taggbox to boost their marketing strategies and sales.

2. Instagram Official Embedding

Instagram feed tools

As the name implies, Instagram itself offers the functionality of embedding a feed directly on your e-commerce website. The latest updated version of Instagram allows you to select one or multiple posts uploaded by you or your followers and integrates it directly onto your website.

It is not as difficult as it might sound and one does not need to be a tech genius for doing so. There is a simple set of user-friendly instructions which anyone can follow easily.

Instagram Official embedding is widely accepted by a large number of brands since they have already developed a faith in the application and therefore do not hesitate to use this default functionality for embedding Instagram feeds on their websites.

3. SnapWidget

denver marketing agency

SnapWidget is a highly customizable and responsive Instagram Photo display tool which allows you to effortlessly embed Instagram content on your e-commerce website.  

It offers multiple Instagram widgets like a grid widget, a scrolling widget, a slideshow widget, etc. to go effectively with the look and feel of your website. Both free and paid versions are available depending on the requirements of different brands.

The most interesting part is that the widget on your website automatically gets updated as soon as you upload a new photo or video on Instagram. The fascinating and stylish widgets are sure to grab the attention of your viewers whenever they visit your website thus motivating them to make a purchase.

4.  Photoslurp

Photoslurp is a platform which integrates the most relevant and relatable user-generated content from your Instagram profile to your e-commerce website.

It is specifically designed to help brands increase user engagement on their websites along with growing their e-commerce sales by 15% on average.

This Instagram Photo display tool collects live UGC from all over Instagram using hashtags, tags, and mentions and allows you to curate the content before it gets displayed on your website.

Not just this, but this software also creates a charismatic effect by building a stylish and shoppable Instagram gallery to be embedded on your website.

5. embed.ly

social media marketing

Another trendsetting tool to display Instagram feed on your e-commerce website and to instantly transform your website visitors into buyers is embed.ly.

It offers a suite of tools, APIs and libraries which helps a user to embed rich media content from Instagram profile to the website.

This tool is easy to access yet smart enough to provide you with all the required features. One can also customize the Instagram feed before embedding. The user can select the style, theme, size, etc. according to the website interface.

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6. Instafeed.js

Instafeed.js is one of the simplest platforms which can be used to embed Instagram content on your e-commerce website.

It is a simple and basic javascript library which fetches and displays user-generated content published on Instagram using hashtags, username, location and other parameters.

The template function allows the user to customize the feed according to the website look and feel thus pulling more customers to the brand.

Wrap up on Tools to Embed Instagram Feed on your e-Commerce Website

A widely used tactic for marketers to reach out to their audience is through social media. Instagram is a platform that helps bridge the gap between these two individuals and is overgrowing.

Instagram serves marketing purposes beyond its app. People enjoy looking through Instagram, and developers are starting to embed company Instagram feeds directly on e-commerce websites.

Adding an Instagram feed, directly embedded, to a website can help customers understand the lifestyle of your brand, and improve your social media reach and engagement.

There is undoubtedly a long list of tools which can help you to embed Instagram feed your e-commerce website. But these 6 innovative platforms which we have discussed today are amongst the most intelligent, accessible and user-friendly tools leveraged by countless big brands and businesses to expand their sales.  

So, if you own an e-commerce website and looking forward to increasing your sales and business, then you can’t miss investigating some or all of the above Instagram embedding platforms.

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