Ecommerce marketing automation is critical to be successful today.

Are you using Ecommerce marketing automation? Is it set up right?

Automated marketing technology has come a long way in recent years. With this in mind, when you look at the feature list of an automated software solution, youíll find a heap of processes and capabilities you can use to help your business to succeed in more ways than you thought possible.

However, at the end of the day, the aim of the game is to generate more leads and convert them into sales – a goal that we must never forget. So, as an e-commerce store, how can you use automation software and marketing best practices to achieve your goals and streamline your marketing processes?

Letís find out more about ecommerce marketing automation!

What is e-commerce Marketing Automation?

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Letís imagine youíre running a business that deals with millions of customers every single day – weíre talking on the scale of a company like Nike or Amazon. Since there are so many transactions being processed, itís simply unfeasible to have staff members sitting behind computers and carrying out menial tasks like sending the same promotional email or welcome email to hundreds of subscribers.

Even if you are a smaller business that only deals with dozens of customers and subscribers a day, sending emails can still take up a lot of time that could be spent on other, less tedious, marketing processes that can help you to expand your business.

This is where marketing automation comes in. Using specialized software and online resources, you can create high-quality emails to send to your subscribers when the criteria for triggers are met Ė such as signing up for your mailing list, downloading a lead magnet, or making a purchase on your website.

Since all the emails are created beforehand, automatically personalized, and sent out instantly, you can free up time in your day to carry out more lucrative tasks that require more hands-on supervision.

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1. Nurture Your High-Quality Leads

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You need ecommerce marketing automation if you have any volume of leads from your website.

Not all leads are the same – some may just be one-time visitors that are interested in free content, while others are highly interested in the products you offer.  Itís important for you to segment your high-quality leads from visitors that are just browsing your website. You can do this through a process called lead scoring.

Lead scoring is a ranking scale used by automation and project management software to rank the quality of a lead. If the scale was set up out of ten, zero being a customer who is 100 percent unlikely to make a sale and ten being a customer who is 100 percent likely to make a sale. You can then use this information to prioritize which leads youíre going to target first and which ones need more focus.

By using lead scoring, youíll be much more likely to make a sale by identifying visitors that are genuinely interested in your products and then using lead nurturing to provide them with a personalized shopping experience.

Lead nurturing is a term that is used to describe the ever-evolving process of changing and tweaking the various stages of your sales funnel to suit what your customers want, creating a better customer experience and increasing your chances of making a sale.

There are multiple ways you can approach this, such as sending the customer-tailored and personalized marketing emails, sending discounts or asking questions about what the customer needs for them to want to make a sale.

So, once youíve implemented a lead-scoring system into your business, you can see which customers are likely to make a purchase and which ones are not. You can then nurture the high-quality leads to move them through the sales cycle and finalize the sale.

These lead scoring and nurturing tasks can be made easy and 100 percent automated, using market-leading tools such as HubSpot or Marketo, helping you to make those all-important sales.

Be sure to analyze the performance of your automated emails, so you can edit and tweak them as your campaign progresses, allowing you to get the greatest return on your investment.

2. Personalize Your Selling Tactics

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Itís safe to say that not every visitor is going to make a purchase the first time they access or log into your e-commerce store. However, using automation marketing software, such as Lead Squared and SalesForce, can help you to create personalized sales experiences that will increase your chances of making a sale.

To achieve successful personalized communication, you can break down and organize your mailing lists using a variety of automatic filters, such as gender, age or location (all automatically, of course) and then set about creating custom content for these demographics. You can also add your customersí individual names to the tops of their emails and include personalized recommendations for products based on their past shopping habits.

This gives you a much more personalized style of marketing, making it more likely that your content will resonate with your audience, generate sales, and convert leads. By creating more customized automated emails, youíll provide your customers with a more enjoyable, personalized customer experience that will continue to draw them back to your online store.

Some Ecommerce Marketing Automation Examples

Letís say youíre a business thatís selling headphones on the internet. You might be running a music-related blog that draws in customers who are interested in music who will then buy headphones from your store. For this example, letís say you also have a mailing list that allows you to send content, promotional offers and a newsletter to your website visitors.

When itís time to send out content, you want to present yourself as an entertaining, credible resource while also providing your customers with useful, pleasant experience.  To do so, youíll need to segment your mailing list into separate demographics. This will allow you to share content based on interests or age groups.

For example, you can email content to younger people who love going to the gym about how much music enhances the gym experience, whereas other recipients may have a focus of how quality headphones provide a better audio experience.

So, whether you have a mailing list full of gym-obsessed 18-year-olds or adults who simply enjoy music, you can make sure each one receives content that interests them.

Of course, you can divide up and segment your mailing lists however you please, so itís worth experimenting to see what leads to the most conversions and drives higher sales.

3. Take Control of Your Social Media

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It doesnít matter what kind of business you are, creating and maintaining a strong social media presence is a great way to boost your customer base as well as nurture relationships with your current customers. However, to find success with social media, you must be consistent with your brand voice and post scheduling.

While this may seem like a lot of work, luckily, you can also use marketing automation with your social media tactics to streamline your approach and ensure you have a full, unified posting schedule. 

Not to mention, many automation tools will automatically track each postís engagement and click rates, allowing you to take note of which posts are most successful. You can then use this data to inform future posts, modifying elements like copy, design, and posting time, to ensure you achieve great results.                                                                                    Image Source: 99robots

Over time, youíll learn which techniques are working and what areas of your campaign need to be improved. Focusing on the details will help your e-commerce store see a dramatic increase in website traffic and social media engagement rates.

4. Create the Best Customer Experience Possible

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Marketing automation comes with a ton of useful benefits, but one major selling point is that it provides you with useful data and feedback from your customers about the experience theyíve had with your business. This information enables you to continually modify your marketing tactics to improve your customersí shopping experience and achieve outstanding results.

For example, you can use a customerís past behaviors, such as products theyíve bought in the past, to create upselling emails or discount offers on their next purchase based on products you think theyíre likely to purchase. Having automatic data collection of your customersí actions will allow you to provide your customers with a fully personalized experience, without you having to send them all individually.

We also highly recommend using A/B testing to see which emails work best and generate the most sales and leads to your store. Using A/B testing can be hugely beneficial for your customer communication, as it can show you which elements, such as button size, font size, font color, etc. are most successful in generating leads, and can boost your user engagement rates and website traffic.

Once you know what design elements are most successfully, you can combine them in your emails to improve user experience and maximize your sales opportunities.

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Take Your Business to the Next Level

As you can see, there are many ways in which marketing automation can assist your business, whether youíre trying to secure new customers or find ways to connect with old ones. Explore your options, and youíll be amazed at how far you can take your business.

Marketing automation is evolving every single day and at an ever-increasing rate. Itís important that you continue to educate yourself in the opportunities that are available to you and your business so you can always stay one step ahead of your competition and maximize the sales opportunities for your business.

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