Understanding your customer journey will help you increase leads, lead conversions, and boost sales.

Your customers go through a customer journey before they decide to take action. And as the purchase process becomes more complex and more people involved, it is rarely linear.

Todayís customers have so many marketing channels to choose from you need to think about omnichannel marketing. But it all starts with your customerís buying journey. You must know how your typical customer purchases products and services that you offer. Then you can begin mapping out the customer journey with customer journey map templates to begin.

The competition in the tech industry is at an all-time high with companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple looking to expand their brands by finding the Ďnext big thing.í While microbrands are taking their cut of market share.

Whether theyíve already built an in-house team to explore AI technology predictions that will dominate in 2019 as the next frontier of tech, or are seeking out the next best start-up idea, the competition is growing immensely.

Youíve probably noticed how each brand is also beginning to create a streamlined line of products and services. This is most noticeable with Amazon and Google.

There has been constant strife across the internet about how difficult it is to access Google services on Amazon devices and vice versa. In December 2017, Google took away the ability for FireTV and Echo Show users to access YouTube. Without a doubt, this was a move to incentivize users to purchase Google Home products instead.

While this feud may be fun to read and chat about with friends, the fun stops when it interrupts a userís experience. Although the two have since made up, and users today can access YouTube on their Amazon FireSticks, the painstaking journey customers had to take in order to enjoy their streaming services has still left its mark.

This article will explore how tech companies can build a positive customer journey for users by explaining the importance of customer experience, providing good customer service examples, and hashing out some ideas to improve customer experience.

Understanding User Experience

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For every $1 that is invested in user experience, a return of $2-$100 is garnered. While that may seem like a vague ROI, a return is nearly always guaranteed. If that seems crazy to youÖ here are a couple of stats that will provide you with a little more context:

  • 95% of users agreed with the statement ďgood user experience just makes senseĒ
  • Fixing a problem in development costs 10 times as much as fixing it in design, and 100 times as much if youíre trying to fix the problem in a product thatís already been released
  • 420 million people around the world use ad blockers, and poor user experience caused by ads is the most cited reason
  • 52% of users stated that bad user experience made them less likely to engage with a company
  • 84% of companies expect to increase their focus on customer experience measurements and metrics

Just as customer service plays a crucial role in the retail industry, user experience is a huge matter of importance for tech firms today. If your customers are happy with their experience, theyíre happy with your brand.

If, on the other hand, they find your website to be cluttered, disorganized and frustrating to navigate, most will opt to go elsewhere.

What you donít want is your patrons feeling like your goods and services arenít worth the hassle of waiting more than 30 seconds for your web page to load. The moral of the story is to prioritize exceptional customer experience.


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But Be Aware…

That customer experience and customer service are two completely different things. Customer experience encompasses everything from a userís journey to the UX design and every little interaction a customer has with your brand.

Customer experience is quite literally their overall experience with your brand. Customer service, however, is the assistance of a company to its customers with their products and services as required.

So when you need help to find the right model of a product, or are unsure about the warranty and need assistance, customer service will be there to help you.

Understanding Customer Journey and Customer Experience

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Customer experience is an all-encompassing term thatís used to describe every interaction your customers have with your brand. In order to fully understand your customer experience, you also need to take a look at your sales funnel.

And while not all customer journeys will be like the other, and will not necessarily follow the nicely organized sections in your funnel, it can serve as a customer experience framework and a means by which your team can learn how to improve customer experience.

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Discovery Stage

When it comes to the initial stages of the sales funnel, inbound marketing is at the top. This is where your users are just starting to put your brand on their radar. From social media posts to a glimpse of your marketing material in a banner ad, or maybe even a magazine, these first impressions mean a lot.

To create a positive experience with your consumers, make an emotional appeal. You can do this by lighting up the mood with a little humor, just like Evianís roller babies ad a while ago, or a Geicoís numerous commercials.

Generating awareness is all about getting people to know your brand. Like a first date, you want to show them what youíre about and make them laugh.

Once users have found you hilarious and are happy and laughing, make their customer experience easier by directing them to a landing page on your website that informs them of exactly who you are.

This way theyíre already beginning to familiarize themselves with your company and any initial questions they have can be answered by scrolling down your web page.

Consideration Stage

Consideration is when users already know who your brand is, what you guys do, and how you can help them with whatever their problem is. This is the tipping point. Users could either be very pleased with your brand or displeased.

To continue building a positive customer experience, show off your case studies and customer testimonials. This will show your users that your products and services have worked and there are plenty of other happy customers who have purchased items from your company.

Make sure that with whatever content theyíve interactive with shows them how your services directly solve specific problems.

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Conversion Stage

The finish line! Conversions are the wonderful fruits of your labor. When it comes to extending the positivity all the way until the end, you need to ensure the checkout process goes as smoothly as possible.

This means a one-step checkout screen. You want this portion of the customer journey to be the easiest for your users.

Ensure theyíre also supplied with excellent customer service during this portion of the sales funnel by having a Chabot on your site ready to answer any question, and if need be, are ready to redirect them to the task at hand: converting!

Before the actual conversion occurs, make sure your users see your brandís positive reviews. Show them just one more time how awesome you are.

ďThe narrowest part of the funnel is the point of transaction (or conversion). At this point, we know that folks remaining in the funnel are interested in what we have to offer; we’re just trying to convince them we’re worth them pulling the trigger,Ē according to Moz.

All you have to do is give them the right information, then wait for them to take the leap.

Wrap Up on Customer Journeys for Tech Firms

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Creating a positive customer journey will not only help build your company loyal followership but will also increase your brandís ROI.

Users will come back for the pure reason that their experience was enjoyable and made them happy. They will thank your brand by being constant patrons for how easy and stress-free you make their customer experience.

Here are the key takeaways from this post one more time:

  • The competition within the tech industry is becoming ridiculously competitive.
  • For every $1 spent on improving customer experience, your brand sees a $2-$100 return.
  • Customer service and customer experience are totally different; customer service has to do with problem-solving, and customer experience is an encompassing term that speaks to every interaction a user has with your brand.
  • Use your sales funnel as a customer experience framework to inform your team how to improve customer experience.

Weíre listening.

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Therese Palmere is a content writer and consultant for Aumcore, a digital marketing agency that offers user experience design and SEO counseling. Therese dabbles in social media marketing and writes about everything from user experience design to emerging marketing trends.

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