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Your sales copy is an important component for creating ads, email programs, websites, and your other marketing collateral.

Once you have completed the three-step laundry list, park bench story, an elevator pitch writing exercises in my previous post (called Writing Effective Advertising), you’re ready to start the final step. It is the process of identifying your product description, major benefits, features, and applications. Then hammering these benefits into sales copy for your ad or other marketing deliverables.

I refer to print advertising in my examples. However, these techniques apply equally too many other forms of marketing deliverables such as brochures, blog posts, landing pages, email programs, content marketing, and websites.

Part 3:  The Execution Stage

This purpose of this post isn’t intended to be an in-depth tutorial on ad copywriting, design, and layout. However, it will illustrate to you the process of converting the results of the writing exercises in my previous post, called Writing Effective Advertising into the four basic elements required for an ad, brochure, or other marketing deliverables:

  • Headline
  • Subhead
  • Body copy
  • Call to action

These elements form the essential structure of nearly every marketing deliverable. This will help you sell products with easy to read conversational tone copywriting and crafted for your target audience. They will help any sales communication be more effective if the right sales benefits are used in each element.

In this post, I’m showing you the basic technique for matching the best sales benefits to each element. Additionally, I’ll explain how you can use this technique for outlining the sales copy notes you provide to your ad agency a marketing consultant who writes your company’s sales copy. You can also use this technique to write your own sales copy if necessary.

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Your Headline

Start by taking the sheets of paper containing the notes she made from your Laundry List, Park Bench story, and Elevator Pitch, and place them side-by-side.

As you read across each version you wrote, you’ll often see key benefits that repeat across all three written versions.

Summarize this benefit in 20 words or less, and write it down. This is your products primary sales benefit and is your headline in your company’s advertising or marketing collateral.


Converting Benefits to Headlines: Examples

Here are some prime sales benefits, in raw form. You might have written down some notes from the previous writing exercise examples. If you are a marketing manager in any one of the following industries:

  • For a company selling a new thin-film material for flat screen digital displays:  industry experts say: our material has 15% greater saturation and contrast
  • For a software company selling a new ERP Software System to accountants in Denver, Colorado: drive your inventory costs even lower in your manufacturing efficiency higher, with a single ERP System with local support.
  • For a business leasing company specializing in computer systems in Burlington, Vermont:  guaranteed lease processing in 15 minutes or less via of our website with local installations and service.

Revealing sales headlines:  they are sales driving, stop and read them headlines just waiting to jump out of these prime benefits. Here are some headlines written from the previous benefit examples:

  • Key benefit:  save about half the usual cost of business lodging—without having to stay at a cheap hotel…
    • Headlines: How to save half the cost of a business hotel, without staying at a cheap hotel or
    • Save half the cost of your next business stay
  • Key benefit:  your data backup facility isn’t worth anything if you don’t back up your data in the first place…
    • Headlines:  super-secure data facility or
    • If disaster struck right now, would you have hundred percent data back up?

Your Subheads for Sales Copy

Next, take a red pen and circle any benefit that appears across any two of your three written forms (laundry list, elevator pitch, and within your park bench story).

Write these benefit lines down, as complete sentences, line by line. You should end with 3 to 6 benefits that repeat themselves across your three writing forms.

Read these benefits and pick out the one that you think is the most important benefit of the group. Then, pick the second most important benefit line, and also on, ranking the rest of them in order of their importance.

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Your Ad Body Copy

Ranking the benefits of your product not only provide you with a list of useful subheads but forms the basis of an outline for the body copy of your ad.

Continuing with our previous example:

Benefit points:

  • Room rates cost just a little more than those of ‘econo’ type motels
  • Are hotels are the same from city to city, so you know what to expect

Sales Copy:

“At Four Points by Sheraton, you get a nice, business-class room for just a little more than one of those Econo places and without any unexpected surprises.”

Benefit points:

  • Our hotels have fast internet hookups at no extra cost—check your email and share large data files while you’re on the road
  • We have a hotel in most major cities—you can find one wherever you travel

Sales Copy:

“Our rooms have broadband net hookups for a modest additional fee, so you can check your email and move large files around in no time.”

“Chances are, there’s a Four Points by Sheraton at the next major city your business takes you.”

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Call to Action

In a way, the last paragraph in the ad sales copy above is a call to action. But if you are the marketing manager at Sheridan, it might be smart to offer new customers a discount. Then the web visitor goes to a landing page and enters the discount code and receives the goods. All right from your ad, and save 10%, with this call to action at the bottom of your ad:

Book a room online, save 10%:  save 10% on your first room reservation at Four Points by Sheraton—go to www.fourpoints.com/book10 and answer your special savings code: 1234.

When possible, offering a special, trackable promotion in your ads call to action. This will not only increase your response rate but allows you to measure your advertisements effectiveness. Measurability is far easier now. The consumers can go to dedicated web links printed in your ad, brochure, and other sales material. And if you’re doing an online advertisement with Facebook ads or Google AdWords, the tracking metrics are great.

This Writing Process Opens Infinite Possibilities

There are infinite variations to have any of the four elements derive from your rough sales benefit copy can be written. By forcing you to think, view, and describe the benefits of your product in different ways, these writing techniques will unlock the infinite creative possibilities found in your product sale story.

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For example, there are many ways to write a headline out of the prime selling benefits of your product. Moreover, with a little imagination, there are virtually limitless ways in which the benefits may be expressed and presented. Try and test an alternative headline, sales copy, graphics, and many other, highly persuasive, ways. But this is where the job of the marketing manager usually ends and your digital marketing agency or marketing consultants job begins.

By performing these writing exercises on your company’s products or services yourself, you’re in a better position to direct the sales message of your company’s advertising project. And to guide your digital marketing agency to produce better ad campaigns and marketing deliverables for your company.

Your products major selling benefits, when combined with effective layout techniques described in this post, will transform your advertising into a hard-hitting, response-generating selling tool for your company.

Share your best tip for writing the best sales copy.

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