A major contributor to poor response in market test and marketing projects are problems with your marketing implementation.

These marketing implementation problems are the easiest problems to identify, and easiest to correct. This is especially true with digital marketing. There just some much data. If you and your team can learn from experiences and avoid repeating the same mistakes a second time.

Your marketing strategy is a critical part that guides your marketing implementation.  Modern marketers new strategic marketing to successfully implement the marketing tactics by turning your ideas into actionable plans to grow your business.

Developing a marketing implementation plan requires that the marketer (freelancer, consulting firms, digital marketing team, or internal marketing team)  have the skills, the resources, and the technology to implement your marketing plan.

Sometimes marketing execution requires outside help. You can get marketing outsourcing help from a lot of different places. You may go to a traditional agency, you may go to a specialist, or you may go to a hybrid digital marketing agency like Matrix Marketing Group. A hybrid marketing agency that not only offers digital marketing services but technology selection and implementation services as well.

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Gross marketing implementation errors

These can seem to be an unlimited combination of slip-ups, goofs, oversight, in production glitches occurring in marketing projects. Anyone of which adversely effects leads and sales response.

On direct mailings, for example, processing errors on the mailing list can cause mailing labels to be printed with dropped fields or incorrect zip codes.

Printed pieces used in your direct mail package may contain major typos or production errors, such as missing product photos. When your mailing house assembles the inserts in the individual pieces.

If your direct mail package, the key printed elements of your mailing piece, such as a sales brochure or reply coupon, may not have been inserted into every mailing piece. Or may not be available to insert in all mailing pieces. Because they weren’t printed in sufficient quantities.

Marketing implementation problems are the easiest problems to identify, and easiest to correct. Click To Tweet

A direct mailing can go wrong almost in an infinite number of ways, due to the number of people who are involved. Between you, your digital marketing agency, mailing list broker, printer, and lettershop, there are more than enough people to screw up a mailing at any point, anywhere along the line.

This is also a common occurrence with email databases that have not been scrubbed.  You tend to end up sending emails to wrong addresses, the titles have changed, or the person no longer works there. So what happens is you get bounce rates, spam warnings, and eventually will hurt your ability to effectively use the email list.

On ad placements, your ad files can be sent incorrectly to publications, causing an ad to be printed with a major, embarrassing production, or this glitch may cause your ad to miss the submission deadline for that issue entirely.

Sometimes, an undue lack of confidence in your advertising layouts can delay the prompt execution of your marketing implementation. Key advertising issue to insertion dates are missed or print schedules delayed because an ad layout or sales brochure is endlessly tweaking and revised by a nervous CEO or client.

Major marketing opportunities are missed, due to too many needless revisions to ads and other marketing deliverables. To avoid this you need to be sure that you are running an experimental phase for all of your marketing campaigns. Once you have proven the sales funnels are effective, scale them and you will see your sales skyrocket.

Do You Know Your Score?

Your marketing ROI is critical. For you and your company.

Measurement matters now more than ever. Use this marketing scorecard toolkit to bring structure and meaning to your numbers.

Poor execution due to seasonality

Failure to think through the timing of ad placement, or when a mailing peice, or email campaign hits, can have a dramatic effect on the response you receive to any marketing activity.

Here are some examples

July and August are generally very bad months to initiate any major business-to-business marketing effort. Your potential customers are either on vacation with their families or at their desk thinking about their vacations.

You’re not thinking too much about their businesses or your product. Responses to email campaigns, pay-per-click advertisements, and sales follow-up calls fall off dramatically during this time.

Seasonality effects contribute to poor response during other times of the year as well. In most businesses, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day can also be a poor time for a business email campaign to arrive.

better marketing implementation

Other seasonal events occur in certain industries can cause problems for your marketing implementation. Like during a major trade show in one market or a seasonal drop in industrial production in another may also be poor times to execute a major marketing project.

Overall, the effects of seasonality can reduce the sales response to a mailing or ad placement by 15%, do as much as 50%. If you are experiencing subpar response to a market test that occurred during any of these times of the year, and you’ve ruled out other problems, such as underperforming sales copy and prospect targeting, can consider seasonality as a possible cause.

Sometimes, seasonality is easy to avoid. For example, you can often delay a December mailing for a few weeks so that it drops immediately after New Year’s Day. If, however, events force your startup’s major Market tests into the July/August time window, you can’t afford to have your entire marketing program lie idle for a full two months.

One option is to run a scaled-down version of your test during these 2 months and consume the bulk of your marketing budget for your big marketing push time to strike immediately after Labor Day.

This way, you can gather critical market response for your market, and you’re following marketing program can still benefit from the improvements made to do it as a result of your July/August test.

Uncontrollable events affecting the marketing implementation

Of course, there will always be production and execution problems affecting response that are beyond your control. Mailbags full of your company’s direct mail pieces can fall off the back of a USPS truck. A major news event or weather disaster can kill market response.

It happened to me on September 11, 2001. I had just re-launched an $80MM SaaS business. Things were going great until the next day. The day after 911 happened in the U.S.  

These events both seen and unseen can surpass the sales response of your marketing activity. You can create contingency plans to combat some of these issues you may face. So get ready and be prepared.


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Wrap Up

There are a lot of people that are very good at marketing strategy and thinking at the 30,000 feet. But very few of those people can actually implement a marketing plan effectively.

We’re listening.

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