The Guide to Improve Your Conversion Rate in 8 Steps

As a real estate agency, did you know content marketing can boost leads and listings?

With the rise in popularity of the internet and social media platforms, yard signs and direct agent sales have become less prominent than before. Whether you operate as an agency or a solo real estate agent, marketing your properties online can make a big difference.

According to Fit Small Business, 44% of real estate buyers bought a property they found through the internet. However, 74% of realtors lack any form of content marketing on the web, making it much more difficult for would-be buyers to find potential properties to invest in.

While traditional real estate agencies with no internet presence still exist, their operational capacity is hindered by the lack of online content that can market their properties. With that in mind, let’s look at how you can improve your content marketing for real estate to increase the overall conversion rates you garner from blogging and advertisement.

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Benefits of Adequate Content Marketing

Before we get into the content marketing guidelines for real estate sales, let’s talk for a moment about the benefits of doing so. Real estate agencies aim to attract as many potential buyers to the vacant properties available for purchase.

One of the best ways to do that is through the internet which most if not all potential buyers use to search for properties. With that said the benefits of content marketing for real estate extend to but are not limited to:

Better Customer Attraction

The more buyers you attract to your properties, the higher your chances will be at securing a purchase. Created marketing content published on your website, social media or affiliate websites will do wonders for your conversion rates.

You can start small and offer the readers of your content to subscribe to future email updates or to contact your office for more details. These calls to action will raise your conversion rates and the best way to implement them is through content marketing.

Industry Brand Awareness

Your agency isn’t the only one with vacant properties ready to be sold. Your local competition will take notice of your business once you create content marketing materials aimed at customer attraction.

This can lead to interesting business opportunities, partnerships or collaborations, and a higher reputation for your agency since people will tell that you are a well-known name on the market.

High Return on Investment

Last, creating online content and publishing it on your website or blog is far cheaper than to hire professional designers and print fliers, billboards or posters. You will still have to create printed materials for your properties and local marketing efforts but in a far smaller capacity than before.

Your content marketing strategy should have great content for all stages of your sales funnel: top-of-funnel, middle-of-funnel, and bottom of the funnel.

Offline marketing is an important part of real estate marketing, but you can reach far more people if you invest time and resources into online promotion and careful content planning.

The return on investment you will make by focusing on content marketing will allow you to redirect the saved up resources into other important business and managerial tasks.

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Content Marketing Tools to Consider

Depending on the scale of your agency and the resources you have available for content marketing, always keep a few tools handy for the occasion. These tools will allow you to create better content for your audience and help you manage your marketing materials far easier than you could do.


The first platform you should keep in mind concerns general text editing and writing – which you will do a lot for your content marketing. Evernote is a cloud-based writing tool which syncs between different platforms, allowing you to work on your real estate marketing pieces from wherever you are.


Spelling errors and grammar mistakes are commonplace for anyone who invests time into writing and content marketing. You can use Grammarly to check your content for any proofreading errors before you publish it online.

Supreme Dissertations

You might not have the time or necessary skills to edit your content marketing materials once you create them. However, you can outsource some of the writing and editing duties to a professional service such as this one.


One of the biggest reasons for low conversion rates in real estate marketing is the fact that ads are sometimes difficult to read. Hemingway is a great grammar tool for your blog posts, case studies, and other content. With its ability to help make your content more legible and faster to read through.


If you don’t have a visual artist or a designer available, Canva is the next best thing you can use. The platform is built to help people create professional design solutions which can be used as content marketing materials for your real estate business.

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Improving Conversion Rates through Content Marketing

Categorize your Real Estate

To start things off, categorize your real estate into manageable sections. Depending on the vacant property, its scale, position, and other parameters, you should be able to categorize your available openings for better management.

The categorized list of properties can be used not only to make the browsing experience easier for potential customers but also to help you create content marketing content faster and in a more targeted manner.

For example, if you want to push two-story housing units suitable for families in the next few weeks, you will be able to take that category of properties and integrate it into your marketing content.

Segment your Audience

Next up, create audience profiles for potential buyers which you hope to attract with your content marketing efforts. Millennial couples will react to certain types of marketing materials as opposed to boomer families with children, elderly couples or stay-at-home mothers would.

Segment your audience into different categories based on information such as their marital status, their yearly income, and other customer-related points.

This will help you create more focused content marketing materials for online publishing without trying to attract “everyone” at once. Universal marketing content doesn’t exist and taking this route will result in low conversion rates or with you attracting incompatible clients to your agency.

Blog about your Business

One of the best ways to entice future buyers into contacting you is to blog about your activities. You can write blog pieces about anything related to your industry, past projects, opinions, predictions and other types of writing. This content can be shared on your website and affiliate websites, allowing you to build brand reputation and raise your conversion rates.

Blogging can be done sporadically or in scheduled intervals, depending on how in-depth you are prepared to go with the idea. This type of content marketing doesn’t require any additional staff or writers to be present and it can be done by you or anyone in the office with panache for writing.

Keep it Simple & Approachable

The real estate industry is full of technical terminology regarding property condition, refurbishing activities done on the property and so forth. However, it’s advised to keep technical lingo to a minimum for attracting future customers. Not every buyer will be familiar with real estate terminology and might be confused by whatever words or phrases you use outside of everyday vocabulary.

You can use outbound Wiki pages or other pages on your website to explain specific terminology which might be necessary in a content marketing piece. Regardless of the approach you take, you should keep your content marketing messages simple and understandable to improve your conversion rates and sell more properties.

List Local Landmarks & Information

Sometimes all your customers want to know is about the additional benefits a property might have. This is true for families with children who need places such as a school, hospital, shopping mall, etc.

You can use this to your advantage and incorporate specific landmarks and information into content marketing for individual properties. This will ensure that clients inspect your content marketing efforts and reach out for more information more times than not.

Create Original Multimedia

You should always use original content to market your vacant properties as a real estate agency. Stock photography or Google Maps images are not an adequate representation of how a property looks like.

In that respect, you can hire a professional photographer or a designer and ask them to take exterior and interior photos and videos of your properties. These will allow you to create high-quality content marketing materials for future sales without fear of copyright infringement or poor media quality.

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Mind your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important aspects of online content marketing. It represents a global set of content optimization rules used by popular search engines such as Google and Bing. In order to make sure that your content marketing materials and properties show up in search results more often, you should pay close attention to your SEO.

Platforms such as Google Keyword Planner and SEM Rush are equipped with web monitoring and SEO optimization features readily available. Integrate the latest keywords and trends into your content marketing pieces to maximize your conversion rates.

Social Media Matters

Last, one of the most powerful tools in your content marketing arsenal is the ability to share content on social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram enjoy a multi-billion following and are a great communication channel for lead generation.

You are far more likely to attract customers and raise your conversion rates through social media than through affiliate websites or paid advertisement. Make sure that your agency has social media pages set up and available for sharing the latest properties, sales deals, and important announcements.

Potential Pitfalls to Avoid with Your Content Marketing Plan

While it may seem like too much information at first glance, the guidelines will transform the way you market your properties to potential buyers. Now we have a clearer understanding of how to improve content marketing for higher conversion rates, let’s look at some mistakes you should avoid.

Narrow Target Audience

Segmenting your audience into more manageable groups will give you an advantage. However, you should create content marketing materials for all audience groups at once in but in different types depending on their preferences. Don’t market properties to only one specific audience group at a time. This will have low RoI for your business, not to mention low-to-no conversion in terms of new leads.

As you build your audience you will want content that creates a 1-to-1 connect customer experience.

Lack of Representative Media

Each property you market to the public should have high-quality multimedia available for viewing. Elements such as exterior images, interior video flythrough, and other content marketing materials will do wonders for your conversion rates. Lacking any form of professional media regarding your properties will make your business look bad both to customers and other agencies on the local market.

Lack of Lead Nurturing

Last, conversion rates serve one purpose only – to generate revenue. Once people have provided you with their email and contact information, you should make the best out of your contact lists.

Collecting information with no intention of using it for further sales efforts is a wasted opportunity. Reach out to customers about special offers you have available, new properties you’ve gained and other lucrative deals they might want to consider.

Wrap up: Content Marketing for Real Estate

There is a plethora of guidelines, tutorials, and advice available for real estate agencies to craft the best approach. However, you should take the steps we’ve discussed under consideration and change them to fit your agency. Make sure that your agents are always on standby and ready to follow up on any content marketing pieces you have published.

Find the best system that works for your business and allows you to create as much marketing content as necessary to reach potential buyers on your local market. Once you find a sweet spot that suits you, your conversion rates will spike upward.

As you number of conversion increase at each stage of your marketing funnel watch your content and tune the conversion rate optimization strategy.

We’re listening.

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Bridgette Hernandez is a digital marketing consultant with a Master’s degree in Economics. She is an editor and content creator at Grab My Essay and Hot Essay Service where she aims to put her education and experience to good use. In her spare time, Bridgette enjoys cooking vegan food and taking her dogs for long walks.

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