The age of static websites and marketing is dead and gone.

The reality is that even the best content without context may not be that successfully. Context is all about understanding how you’ve already engaged with them, the relationship you’ve already had, what devices they’re using, and using that have a more intelligent conversation. The result is a much more engaged relationship with customers.”

Jeremy Crane, VP Product for Marketing Products

Would you make the same old sales pitch to a prospect when you could easily find out what their needs are? So why would you do that on your website?

A Content Optimization System (COS), has proven to be a beacon of hope for many companies suffering from a tired and aging online strategy.

HubSpot-COS-examples.jpgA COS transforms your online experience to be personalized and targeted to the customer’s context. This means that you won’t be making the same pitch to everyone who visits online because you have the insight on what the customer’s needs are.

It brings together an often-fragmented set of tools that doesn’t paint the full picture or make the most of your marketing efforts. Even if you are heading in the right direction with content, a COS allows you to improve on those efforts.

By integrating a dynamic website design, blogging, SEO tools, landing pages, and much more, you’ll be able to realize the potential of an inbound marketing campaign and give customers the experience that suits them best.

Let’s take a look at three content marketing case studies where companies used a COS to increase sales and drive leads through the roof.


As a startup, AnswerDash had no time to waste and no room for leaks in their funnel when implementing their Content Optimization System. They needed to quickly inform visitors about the merits of their SaaS product which provides an easy-to-use online self-service answer platform.

At the forefront of their website redesign, they wanted every page on the website to be created with the buyer’s context in mind so that leads could be generated ata much higher rate.


The results were astounding. With an approach that engaged visitors with specific content and forms based on what stage of the buying process they were in, AnswerDash increased leads by 60% within two months.

With the additional COS tools, they were able to create new blog posts that ranked far better in search engines and drive organic traffic. These blog posts resonated so much with their user based, that social media activity rose 55% as a result.

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EnergyCAP has been in business for almost 25 years and as a result thought they knew all they could about their market and how they go about their information search. The problem arose when their marketing efforts were continuously falling on deaf ears and leading to few sales.

Already familiar with content marketing, they had been creating eBooks, blogs, and other resources that customers would find helpful. However, they were using a fragmented set of marketing tools that wasn’t supporting their thoughtful inbound approach.

Using specialized tools within the COS, EnergyCAP was able to identify missed opportunities with keywords and commonly searched topics. And they were missing out big – a 61% increase in traffic was realized within six months, much of which was organic. With these more targeted resources, they were able to fine tune their customer personas and become a thought leader in the space.

Now that they had an increase in traffic, and the quality of it, they were able to use the dynamic elements of the COS to engage visitors. Leads and customers would see different information targeted to their stage of the buying process, and as a result, leads have risen 6.5 times, and marketing offers have grown by 6.3 times.

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The Chopping Block

The Chopping Block, a successful cooking school, was revamping their class kitchens and in-store appearance, so they looked to have the same improvements come to their website and online experience.

Chopping-Block-HubSpot-Responsive-Website.pngThey chose to use a COS that would deliver the same level of personalization that customers receive in-person. Each business persona they identified would be targeted with dynamic content on the homepage and throughout the optimized website.

This would make it easier for customers to find the information that suits them, and proceed through the experience The Chopping Block wanted to portray.

Website leads went through the roof. They saw a 139% increase in leads generated within just nine months. The content was being delivered to visitors at the right time and presented in a way that truly engaged them. The use of optimized landing pages also ensured that more of the people who were thinking about converting would likely do so.

They further capitalized off this approach by bolstering their blog and educational resources with additional content. The Chopping Block produced more videos, recipes, and articles that ended up increasing blog page visits more than four-fold. And within nine months they saw a 59% increase in organic traffic, helping them achieve a substantial ROI and pat on the back.

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So what’s taking you so long?

Although a robust Content Optimization System can give the appearance of a one-size-fits-all approach, the actual value comes to light when it’s applied strategically to an individual business’ needs.

Each piece of a COS has different merits based on your situation, but the bottom line is that it performs better since it’s a unified set of tools. There’s no need to take a fragmented legacy approach to you marketing that leaves gaps in the funnel or provides an incomplete profile of your customers.

Did these content marketing case studies stimulate your interest? Learn more about how leveraging a HubSpot COS can drive leads and increase sales. Click here >

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