The top Colorado tech companies were review and these tech companies separate themselves from the herd

Colorado tech firms are growing fast. Colorado ranks third in the nation for tech workers per capita and houses over 10,000 technology companies within the state! To say that Denver’s tech scene oozes entrepreneurial energy would be an understatement.

Did you know Colorado launches a new technology company every three days? Talented technology innovators and employees are moving to the Denver and Boulder metro areas for the fun atmosphere and generous venture capitalist investors looking for the next big thing.

Denver Technology Companies

This tremendous growth begs the question: in a highly intense, highly competitive market, what are tech companies in Colorado doing to separate themselves from the herd? The answer is straightforward but nowhere near simple.

SaaS Marketing Case Study

TrackVia also saw the potential inbound marketing offered to attract visitors, convert leads, and close more deals.

The most successful organizations are embracing digital marketing trends that propel greater consumer awareness and promote an increase in marketing to sales conversions.

They’ve taken the opportunity to understand their audience and craft a marketing strategy that resonates with their demands.

These nine Colorado companies exhibit particular features of a strong marketing plan.

We’ve worked with Oildex, CenterStone, and TrackVia at one point or another during our 17 years of existence, but the marketing features mentioned in this list are outside our scope of previous work.

Colorado ranks third in the nation for tech workers per capita and houses over 10,000 technology companies within the state! Click To Tweet

This list does not represent a distinct order of best to worst; it?s been created to display the different ways Colorado software companies are utilizing digital marketing tactics.

1. Oildex is one of the Colorado Tech Firms Success Stories

This software-as-a-service (SaaS) company enables major oil companies, independent oil and gas producers, global banks, and 1.3 million royalty interest owner connections a solution to improve the flow of business information and operational inefficiencies.

Oildex became the first cloud-based solution to address the paper problem in the oil and gas industry. There is no need for paper when Oildex’s electronic data exchange workflow solution transfers invoices seamlessly from suppliers to customers.

Oildex has recognized the importance of building trust with its clients and has done an excellent job in creating an ‘About Us’ page that reflects this sentiment. A quick two-minute video gives insights into the Oildex executive team as well as the boots on the ground.

Denver Software Company

One of the current Google search ranking factors is the time spent on-page. Embedding a video is the perfect way to get a skim reader to slow down and listen to what makes your team different. It’s for reasons like this that video marketing has seen a big jump as companies are looking for more engaging ways to get prospects to digest content.

Looking further down the page, Oildex lays out its recognitions and qualifications as a form of social proof to help gain the viewer’s trust. The flow of the page is personalized and backs up why they’re the dominant player in the market.

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2. Digital Globe

Using satellite data, Digital Globe captures high-resolution images of Earth at a rate of three million square kilometers per day. Their incredible speed of capture and 16 years of backlogged imagery help Digital Globe customers make data-driven decisions on critical landscape-based projects.

DigitalGlobe is a great Colorado tech company.

Digital Globe seems to be doing a lot of things right. They have killer content on their social media channels, which often utilizes popular hashtags to boost post reach. A perfect example is this Tweet using the #USOpen hashtag. They are engaged with social audiences instead of blasting off “me me me” content.

Colorado Software Companies

Most importantly though, Digital Globe is dominating its close competitors in total organic search volume and the number of relevant keywords ranking. With more than 13,000 organic keywords associated with their domain, the next closest competitor only has 5,400.

Organic traffic is made up of website visitors that have searched queries related to your content on Google or Bing. The more keywords you rank for, the more awareness your organization achieves. These website viewers have a specific need to address, and as long as you write relevant and insightful content, you’ll see high traffic to lead conversions from organic sources.

leads generation playbook

3. LogRhythm

Located in Boulder Colorado, LogRhythm specializes in Threat Lifecycle Management. Their solutions and services aim to “rapidly detect, respond to and neutralize damaging cyber threats,” both internally and externally. By pulling together multiple high-profile Colorado investors, like Access Venture Partners and High Country Venture, you know they’re doing something right.

Some marketing experts focus on driving as many new visitors to their website as possible in hopes of gaining an incremental bump to qualified sales leads. However, what they miss is how visitors convert to leads in the first place? Is their only option to give you a call or fill out a ‘Contact Us’ form?

If that’s the case, then the chances of someone early in the buying cycle becoming a captured lead is slim. Your site has just lost 90% of its traffic, and the majority of them are never coming back without lead nurturing.

Boulder Tech Companies

LogRhythm implements multiple lead capture landing pages to increase their website’s visitor to lead conversion rates. These lead magnets range from reports to free software trials and entice prospects to submit information in return for the goods. This process does two things: it helps buyers travel down the buyer’s journey and lets a marketing department know who is showing hints of interest.

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4. ShipCompliant

ShipCompliant is the alcohol beverage industry’s leading compliance and technology platform. Their goal is to make companies in heavily regulated industries more aware of their compliance standards.

Their SaaS solutions give clients peace of mind with their real-time updates of regulatory changes to mitigate compliance risk. ShipCompliant offers tools for wineries, importers, alcohol retailers, breweries, distilleries, and the government.

Colorado High Tech

Part of the reason ShipCompliant has become such a successful software company in Colorado is the effort they put into event marketing. Awareness is hard to create, especially in a crowded software market. Therefore, ShipCompliant is hosting a beer summit at a famous local brewery about how to grow your brewery business. It’s an excellent idea because it’s straightforward and attracts the right audience for their product.

Denver High Tech

Getting into the weeds, you notice the event is well placed on their website, with a call-to-action as the first thing you see on the home page. It leads to a landing page with all the relevant event information displayed. The date, location, agenda, and speaker information all add up to create interest and provide knowledge that helps viewers make the decision to register.

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5. Webroot

Another cybersecurity expert, Webroot breaks down their business operations into consumer and commercial markets. The consumer market consists of computer protection plans from antivirus to digital anonymity. Their commercial products include endpoint security, network security, and embedded threat intelligence. Webroot wants their clients to be protected from whatever is thrown their way in cyberspace.

Tech Companies Denver

They also want to be social media experts. At the time of writing this post, Webroot has more than 160,000 followers across their social media accounts. It’s not an enormous number but when you think about how ‘exciting’ a cybersecurity product is to the average social media user that’s an impressive feat.

Their social posts include cyber threat awareness, product use tips, and content promotion. They’ve even managed to include a customer service aspect into most of their social platforms.

By actively monitoring people’s concerns over social media, Webroot can quickly identify and address issues. Not to mention, it allows them to gather valuable customer data for upselling with retargeting and look-a-like audience ad campaigns.

Colorado Tech Companies

There’s a reason more businesses are wrapping marketing, sales, and customer services under the same umbrella. It’s because activities like social media help converge the entire purchasing cycle into one platform. Facebook can help drive awareness, convert leads, and keep customers delighted all at once.

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6. Four Winds Interactive

Four Winds Interactive designs and installs digital signage and visual communication software for airports, sports stadiums, casinos, universities, manufacturing facilities, and everything in between. They boast an impressive 500,000+ digital signs distributed across the world.

Four Winds Interactive seems to have mastered content marketing. They have a well-maintained blog, regular events, a resource library, and customer testimonials. What stands out the most though, is their dedication to creating stories for each of the industries they serve.

Boulder High Tech

A case study – or as they call them a story – that is directly relatable to a buyer takes care of a sales lead’s doubt that your product alleviates the pain point they are experiencing in their job. They create a place for you to showcase past client work. An influential case study breaks down the benefits of your product so that potential buyers know what they’re getting.

Boulder Software Companies

In this instance, it’s obvious that Four Winds Interactive has:

  • Easy integration with current systems
  • Excellent customization
  • Automation processes to deal with tactical tasks, so you have time to focus on your business

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7. CenterStone Technology

CenterStone is a SaaS-based provider of digital marketing, sales tools, and professional-strength order management software for apparel brands. They focus on e-commerce solutions for many heavy-hitting brands like Carhartt, Under Armor, Columbia, Patagonia, and Puma.

The marketing and sales software landscape is overly polluted. Within the last three years, the industry has more than doubled, ballooning from 2,000 solutions in 2015 to roughly 5,000 in 2017. With this level of competition, it’s difficult for a SaaS marketing and sales platform to stick out.

Centerstone is a great Colorado tech company.

Denver Tech Companies

To overcome this issue, CenterStone has listened to their clients’ pain points and developed multiple platform integrations that create a seamless product experience.

This may not seem like a marketing tactic, but for a software company, integrations can be a make or break sales decision. Showcasing integrations on your website is the perfect way to increase visitor to lead conversion ratios, giving your sales team a chance to take the conversation further.

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8. TrackVia is one of the Colorado Tech Firms Success Stories

Creating a leading mobile workflow management solution isn’t easy, which is why TrackVia has devoted itself to creating an uncomplicated solution.

As a client, we love what TrackVia is doing as a SendGrind as one of the Colorado tech firms’ darlings.

Their software provides operations, processes, and IT executives with an alternative to overwhelming spreadsheets and complex databases. They solve the “I Give Up” gap with a low-code solution to “track, manage, and automate critical business processes or operational workflows with greater efficiency, ease, and speed.”

TrackVia makes use of infographics and detailed images to tell a story that stands out from traditional content types. Their use of imagery is an alternative way to catch viewers’ attention and convey otherwise detailed messages in a simplified form. Many audiences appreciate mixed-format content because they don’t have the time to digest long-form writing.

Fort Myers Tech Companies

TrackVia has created a perfect example with its infographic ‘How to Improve Your Quality Control Process.’

The post has a leading paragraph that briefly describes the topic and then jumps into four tips for improvement and how TrackVia’s software can help accomplish them. It’s easy to understand and takes no more than two minutes to finish reading. The design is clean, feels professional, and was created for a clearly defined audience.

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9. SendGrid

SendGrind is a colorado tech company darling.

A TechStars graduate, SendGrid develops a cloud-based email service to deliver high volume emails on behalf of organizations. They help companies build relationships and drive growth with more than 30 billion emails passing through their system every month.

While SendGrid is doing a lot of great work on their website, there’s something just as interesting going on underneath the hood. They’ve managed to generate more than 45,000 backlinks from other domains. That’s 10x more than any other technology company on this list!

Fort Myers Software Companies

SendGrid’s marketing strategy has cracked the code of generating off-page SEO results. Not only have they garnered an enormous amount of domain referrals, but they’ve also managed to do it with 63% recorded as do-follow links.

A big part of search engine algorithms is off-page SEO which, in its simplest terms, is determined by the quality and quantity of do-follow backlinks tracing back to your domain.

Do-follow backlinks are typical references written by other websites whereas no-follow backlinks are links on blog comments, answer sites or forums. It’s not always the case of more is better when it comes to generating backlinks. It’s just as important – if not more – than the sites linking back to your domain are well-known and highly trusted.

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Conclusion Colorado Tech Companies

Whether you’re a tech company in Colorado or any other organization for that matter, your marketing strategy can always be improved. It’s the piece of your business that allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Take the time to understand what makes a healthy marketing plan by filling out a free marketing assessment. With 10 categories covering multiple marketing fields, this assessment provides tremendous insight into what’s working for your team and what needs to change.

We’re listening.

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General FAQ’s

What tech companies are in Colorado?

– CenturyLink.
– Comcast.
– SendGrid.
– DigitalGlobe.
– Ibotta.
– JumpCloud.
– Tendril.
– NetApp.
– DaVita.

How do you market a tech company?

Start with these seven methods to market your Colorado tech company can improve your marketing strategy and reach more customers online.
1- Develop a lead generating website tuned for SEO.
2- Write and publish educational content regularly.
3- Use on-site forms to collect leads.
4- Trade your best content for an email address.
5- Contribute to other websites (off-page SEO).
6- Invest in email marketing.
7- Use marketing technology to auto and scale.

Who in Denver handles digital marketing for tech companies?

Although Matrix Marketing Group is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Denver, Colorado they will not work with anyone. Start with a full marketing assessment to find the gaps in people, strategy, and technology.

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