Building customer relations in the digital economy will be essential for any sustainable business model.

The importance of building customer relations in small businesses or startup is essential for a sustainable business model in the digital age.

As a small business owner, you have an advantage when it comes to building customer relations. The size of your company allows you to reach people at a more personal level than big businesses, which turns into stronger relationships with customers.

Building customer relations and keep them secure; you must do all you can to engage customers.

Life is complicated, it’s as simple as that. People are rushing to meetings, events, extracurricular activities for the kids, and barely making it home in time for a last-minute thrown together dinner. 

Pleasantries are a thing of the past. According to the bureau of labor statistics in 2018, roughly 50% of families had both parents employed in their household.

Great, so people are busy in this new digital economy, but more importantly, it is how easy it is for them to access information in our digitized economy. 

The Census concluded that 74% of households had some form of internet access, and 64% had a type of handheld device that could connect as well. More and more individuals are using the internet to find the information they seek.

With internet access, you can be building customer relations from anywhere.

The digital economy accounted for 6.9 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product, or $1.35 trillion, in 2017, according to a new batch of statistics released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Click To Tweet

So what do these two factors have to do with your business? The combination of fast-flowing information and dwindling leisure time has redesigned the template we used to describe the buyer’s journey. Building customer relations requires that you map the buyer’s journey with your internal sales process. You may end up with 12 different buyer’s journeys and maps.

Channels of communication have become electronic so businesses have to adjust to a digital marketing plan to stay relevant in their consumer’s minds. Putting an ad on television now becomes a piece of the puzzle, not the whole picture.

Customers need to be engaged with lasting impressions that speak to their current situation. By the time a sales representative makes contact with a sales qualified lead, the prospect will have already encountered the majority of touchpoints within the buyer’s journey.

It’s difficult to keep up with this shifting and dynamic landscape, but it is critical to stay on top of your digital marketing strategy. Focusing on creating customer confidence in your abilities can help set your organization up for success.

Let’s dig into how you can start building customer relations to win happy loyal customers.

Step to Take for Building Customer Relations in the Digital Economy

building customer relationships

Develop your digital presence so that it guides the viewing audience through the buyer’s journey. This consists of developing target personas (who are we targeting, what do they need, where are they from, and what problems do we solve for them?). Your building customer relations start with understand your target audience and customers.

Once a persona is configured, you can outline what information they seek and how you can supply it.

Generating content that your target persona can relate to builds their trust in your work. At the same time, not every person who views a piece of content is looking for the same thing. 

The buyer’s journey dictates who is looking for what. It also helps with your conversation optimization rate. A potential buyer who has just become aware of their issue will be searching for information similar to “Why is this happening” or “What do I do when.” 

74% of households had some form of internet access, and 64% had a type of handheld device that could connect as well. Click To Tweet

While someone in the decision stage wants to know why your company is the right fit for them. By producing quality content, people will look to you for advice when a decision is on the line. These are the steps it takes to be considered an industry thought leader and building customer relations.

Use the flow of your website to guide prospects and leads in the right direction. A site should be utilized as a stepladder throughout each touchpoint of the buyer’s journey. The design is critical – say too much and the potential buyer gets lost and clicks out the door; say too little and your message will come across unclear.

The more your message can be developed for individual customization, the more likely you are to create the relationships that drive revenue growth. But it’s more important to form a digital marketing strategy around specific key performance indexes that match the outcomes you are striving to achieve. You must be building customer relations.

Talking about KPI’s might seem odd when trying to build digital relationships, but you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Even the best marketing strategies can be thrown in the trash because the right metrics weren’t being tracked.

Are you looking to explore further into your building customer relationships? 

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General FAQ’s

Why is building customer relationships important?

Great customer relationships are essential to business success. Just like personal relationships, it’s critical to cultivate and nurture customer relationships. When organizations develop strong relationships with their customers, it can lead to loyal clients, positive word of mouth, and increased sales.

How can a small business start building customer relationships better?

Follow these 5-steps to build customer relationships.
1. Communicate. 
2. Exceed expectations. 
3. Get feedback.
4. Connect at a personal level.
5. Show appreciation.

What software can help with building customer relationships?

Customer relationship management (CRMsoftware is software that automates and manages the customer life cycle of an organization. The sales team management and sales reps use it, and call center reps to maintain contact with customers and quickly respond to their needs — Saas CRM platforms like Oracle, Salesforce, and others.

Why is it important to build relationships with customers?

Powerful customer relationships are essential to business success. When businesses develop strong relationships with their customers, it can lead to loyal clients, positive word of mouth and increased sales.


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