Even if you’ve been living under a rock for the past twentyish years or so, chances are that you have been using a smartphone or a personal computer or a tablet. When was it when you or your business last used an actual physical letter to contact a client or a business associate? When was the last time you’ve heard about someone in a dire need of a personal assistant? When was the last time that you’ve called an information center instead of communicating the problem via a search engine? What are the best Internet marketing tools?

We are living in the digital age. We are living in the information age, the age of social media, the age of the Internet. Not being online is the equivalent of not existing. It does not matter what your weapon of choice is: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest… You Probably use at least one of them. They all offer a fast, simple and convenient way of communicating with the rest of the world.

Heck, with more than 5.5 billion (yes, billion!) unique email addresses on the internet, is it even possible that you’ve been going about your business so far without using at least some sort of an email service?!

Why use the best Internet marketing tools?

The Internet opened up a world of endless possibilities for a number of industries and professions. One which got shook to its core by the boom of the Internet is without a doubt the marketing industry.

Just ask yourself: when was the last time a TV or radio or newspaper advertisement convinced you to go for a certain product or service? Now ask yourself how many times a random article, or a video on the Internet, or some post on a social media service, or even a specific search led you to a product which you cannot live without.

The ADOBE research report, “Digital Distress: What Keeps Marketers Up at Night?” (PDF), shows that only 9 percent of respondents strongly agree with the statement, “I know our digital marketing is working.” On top of that, 66 percent of all marketers think their companies won’t succeed unless they have a successful digital marketing approach.

Digital distress, indeed.

So, “why use Internet marketing tools?” You ask? Whether we like it or not, the Internet’s been evidently and inevitably overcoming other forms of media. And since the Internet offers such a wide audience from so many different backgrounds, it is only logical for a business owner to try to reach this audience in the most effective way possible. The good thing is that there are professionals out there who can make that happen for any company on the market.

There are many reasons as to why a business should opt for Internet marketing tools. Probably the best reason for using the Internet (or digital) marketing tools is that they are far more cost effective than traditional marketing tools. Numerous studies have shown that the most popular marketing tools, such as SEO, email marketing and social media marketing, are at least 50% more cost effective than their competing traditional marketing tools, such as telemarketing, TV advertising and so on. Furthermore, digital marketing offers a direct approach to a targeted audience, attribution models can be set up, and metrics can easily be measures to help with marketing return-on-investment.

Another perk of Internet marketing tools is that they level playing field, i.e. small, medium and large companies have an equal chance of reaching the potential client. Moreover, digital marketing tools offer accessibility – while traditional marketing tools can channel a message only through a certain medium, internet marketing tools are compatible with a myriad of technologies: smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc.

Also, the Internet acts as a platform for exchanging ideas, so a business can build up a good reputation simply by word of mouth, not to mention that the Internet offers various ways of being directly in touch with the clients. Last but not least, Internet marketing tools may secure the survival of your business online even if no one walks into your shop – the amount of trading which takes place on the Internet is fascinating!

What are the 5 best Internet marketing tools?

No, there is not enough time and space in this world to offer an unabridged list of all the Internet marketing tools which a business can utilize for fast and efficient online marketing. Luckily, we can resolve to 5 which have proven to be the most useful on a number of different charts.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a fast, efficient and subtle digital marketing tool which offers an elegant way of introducing a specific demographic of the Internet audience with a product or a service. Content marketing involves videos, blog posts, articles and other online materials which do not directly promote brands, products or services per se, but rather “raise awareness” about certain topics.

Why is it fast?

Because everything which a client might find interesting or appealing is one click away – all it takes is a person being interested in a headline of an article, video, blog post, or eBook. Why is it efficient? Because it always targets a specific audience. Moreover, it is not the companies who reach out to the audience, but the audience reaches out to the companies.

Why is it subtle?

Because contrary to traditional marketing tools which force aggressive (and more often than not – annoying) marketing campaigns based on “the best”, “the most efficient”, “the life-changing”, etc., content marketing presents general ideas to the clients and lets them decide about the course of action.

The gaming industry and its never-ending expansion is a perfect example of content marketing working right. The gaming industry nourishes a very healthy relationship with its most prominent marketing tool, being the gaming Youtubers. Namely, there are thousands of Youtubers out there who create gaming content on daily basis. More often than not, they do not create content to promote a specific game, but to entertain and appeal to their audience, i.e. their fans.

The gaming companies, on the other hand, have not a problem whatsoever with the practice, although some content might be borderline copyright infringement. On the contrary, gaming companies encourage content creators, since that way they get earnest, first-hand and unobtrusive, yet suggestive, marketing time for their products.

Content Marketing Internet Tools

2. Email Marketing

No, email marketing is not spamming subscribers with emails 10 times a day (although spamming is part of email marketing, it veers heavily towards the dark side of the spectrum). Email marketing is the elegant practice of sending out emails to existing customers and prospects with the idea of promoting an array of products or the brand itself.

The purpose is to attract new customers by educating, informing and promoting. Email may be used to inform customers of new offers and to pay respect towards existing customers by informing them about new offers, thus encouraging mutual loyalty. More so, the purpose of email marketing is to entice the reader with quality content. Email marketing is without a doubt an easy and effective way for promotion since it’s cost-effective and offers a direct and highly personalized medium for communication with clients and prospects alike. And for those who are not IT savvy, there are a number of email marketing services which significantly ease the process.

Email marketing cannot be discussed without mentioning one of the most notable email campaigns of all times, run by charity: water. By incorporating a little bit of ingenuity and lots of imagination into something so simple as transactional emails (automated emails used to confirm an action taken by the user), charity: water informed every single donor about the whereabouts and the actual use of the donated money, as well as information about the location where the money is being used – something which is far from a common practice in other charities. That, in turn, inspired so many positive reactions, that more and more people started donating. It even inspired existing benefactors to donate even more, since everybody was able to track the fruits of their donations.

Email platforms

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most powerful Internet tools of the 21st century. Virtually everyone uses some form of social media, from kindergarteners to grandparents. Social media is easy to use, and it is fun as well, making it attractive to a plethora of users from around the world. That is why it is very convenient and reliable medium for advertising your brand – you would be able to reach millions of people of all ages and places you would otherwise not be able to reach. And since people use it for individual communicative purposes, social media offers a more personal and intimate approach to marketing. Some of the most popular social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and for B2B users LinkedIn.

A good example of a company which uses social media marketing in an efficient manner on Twitter is the technology company, Dell. This company avoids using pushy advertising techniques; instead, they use social media to showcase the quality of their brand by being clever and engaging. This kind of approach makes them stand out from other companies and attract more followers. The company’s marketing specialists avoid using too much technical jargon when tweeting – instead, they use simple and down-to-earth language. Therefore, this technology company strikes a perfect balance of authenticity and leadership on Twitter. In this manner, Dell offers engaging content on their Twitter timeline while simultaneously advertising itself in a subtle, yet effective manner.


Dell twitter Image Source: Twitter


Another interesting example of a technology company which uses social media in order to reach a wider audience is IBM. On its Instagram profile, the company IBM shares photos of its data centers, as well as videos which showcase the company’s history. Using exciting strategies such as educating its followers on how IBM programmers helped with the Apollo 13 mission in 1970, IBM is one of the most popular technology companies on Instagram. And some of it’s oldest mainframe computers.


IBM Instagram Computer

Image Source: IBM Instagram

Social Media Internet Tools

4. SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an Internet marketing tool used for increasing the online visibility of websites in the unpaid results of a given web search engine. It works in the following way: if a website appears earlier and more frequently in the results, the higher the chances are that the website will receive more visitors, and in turn, get more customers. SEO can target a news search, academic search, image search, video search, et cetera, and it is focused on local, national and international searches. By using SEO as an Internet marketing tool, you can find out what people search for, which are the exact keywords which are typed into search engines, as well as which search engines your audience prefers.

An example of a firm which hit it big using SEO is Meridian Financial Advisors LLC. This small firm based in Massachusetts is one of the top financial advisory firms in Boston. Up until a few years ago, this firm did not receive much attention on the web. However, by incorporating SEO, the firm doubled its monthly website traffic in 10 months and was among the top-20 Google rankings for its most important keywords. After having completed the SEO, this firm’s monthly website traffic has witnessed a growth rate of 245%.

SEO Internet Tools

5. Paid Media

Paid media is another useful Internet marketing tool which includes paying a third party to advertise your brand’s content to other individuals. The most popular and efficient way of advertising your brand or product is by the means of social media since social media allows for paid placements by companies. Social media users generate data, and this data can be used by the social media networks in order to create content specifically tailored to the users’ needs.

Targeting social media users can be done using advertising software tools. One instance of such advertising software tools is Nanigans. The Nanigans software users – companies such as Rovio, Wayfair, and Zynga – mostly focus on Facebook marketing, as well as Twitter, and Instagram marketing. The Nanigan software uses the Facebook Exchange in order to efficiently target Facebook users.

Another instance of advertising software tools is Facebook’s Power Editor. As the name itself suggests, the Power Editor targets Facebook users in order to create and run efficient advertising campaigns. This internet marketing tool generates detailed parameters about the users which help target specific users. And there are no third-party fees for creating and managing your advertisements! Furthermore, there is the Twitter Platform. It is useful to consider advertising your company on Twitter because it is a major network with millions of users, and it has excellent targeting features. The Twitter software can target specific keywords which are contained in the tweets of Twitter users.

An interesting instance of a technology company which uses paid social media marketing in an efficient manner is Rovio – the company which created the game Angry Birds. This technology company uses the previously mentioned Nanigan software tool for advertising its content on Facebook. By targeting the right users, Rovio keeps gaining on popularity on Facebook, thus increasing its yearly revenue.

Paid Media Internet Tools


Taking into consideration the above-mentioned technology companies which increased their popularity by using the best Internet marketing tools, it is safe to assume that technology trends, along with digital marketing trends are advancing and will continue to advance in the future. That is why it is important to stay up-to-date with the newest digital marketing trends if you want your tech company to perform well on the market and increase its revenue. By using the right Internet marketing tools at the right time, your technology company will maintain its success, reach new and higher goals and set a strong and positive brand image.

About the author: Olivia Ryan is a passionate blogger who writes on topics of digital marketing, career, and self-development. She constantly tries to learn something new and share this experience on various websites as well as on https://www.aussiewritings.com. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.


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