FBA Fee Calculators: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About

Are FBA Fees (Fulfillment By Amazon) important to you, then read more about FBA Fee calculators and win at Amazon e-commerce game?

FBA Fee Calculators are important if you use Amazon. Do you use the amazon FBA fee calculator or another one?

As you begin getting into Amazon as a place to sell your goods, there are many decisions to be made. Deciding what kind of inventory to carry and how to store and ship it can be a big undertaking. Furthermore, it can be a hassle to keep track of all that goes into the inventory process, which is why many selling opt for the fulfilled by Amazon service. 

As an FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) seller, you set your prices, but you will be storing your inventory in one of Amazon’s fulfillment warehouses. Then they will take care of the shipping. Since customers, especially Prime members, trust Amazon to get them their packages quickly and efficiently, opting to use FBA can benefit sellers like yourself. 

Since Amazon will take care of a lot of the work for you, it takes away the concern about shipping out boxes fast enough. Letting Amazon do the work for you can be a significant benefit. Of course, there are fees associated with utilizing this service. 

The benefits of using an FBA fee calculator before you purchase items to sell are numerous. Knowing what you will be spending on FBA services as well as your products is the best way to get an accurate representation of what you will be spending every month. Being aware of the costs you will face will prepare you for starting your business.

There are many free calculators available so you can determine the profitability of the selling via FBA. Make sure you know how to use a fee calculator, so you do not get confused and overwhelmed while finding your potential fees. Here are five things you need to know about those Amazon fee calculators. 

1. Just An Estimate and FBA Fee Calculators

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Because there are so many possibilities, a fee calculator is only able to give you a reasonable estimate of your FBA fees. Fee calculators are excellent tools to have at your disposal. They offer you the best-educated guess of what it will cost to have your inventory stored and shipped by Amazon. This is what helps you to run a successful online store.

Many fees are calculated based on the time, weight, and prep time needed to shrink wrap your items and add UPC labels. There are also long time storage fees. Spending some time with the calculators will allow you to change the variables for each item for you to adjust your prices. 

The calculators will also help you make sure you have budgeted accurately and that being an FBA seller will be profitable. A tip: always err on the side of the fees being higher than estimated just in case. That way, you won’t see an issue with your bottom line should the estimate turn out to be accurate. 

It is possible that the item you plan on selling will not be difficult to ship or manage. That might mean the FBA service would be a waste of money for you. Knowing is FBA is something that will benefit your company is one of the best things an FBA fee calculator will do.

All the fees calculated are only based on the information you and Amazon provide. The fees might be higher or lower, depending on shipping costs and storage costs. If the price of your merchandise changes, it can also have a significant effect on your fees.

If you haven’t decided what to do, keep in mind that these fees are estimates. While it may seem steep up front, once you delegate the shipping and prep of your items to Amazon, you are poised to have a lot of the daily work taken off your plate. FBA gives you a better chance to monitor your listing, keep track of your sales, and research new items.

The main reason people use FBA is to cut down their work-load. Shipping, storage, and customer service are the main benefits of using FBA. Those benefits are amazing, depending on what you are selling and how much you are predicted to make.

2. There Are Many Possible Fees

It can be confusing to sort through the different FBA fees when you first start. Even experienced sellers find new fees crop up from time to time that they are unfamiliar with. Oversized packages will have extra fees associated with them, and they will have to be shipped to a specific larger item warehouse. 

Many fees are easy to keep track of because they are consistent and monthly charges. Other costs will vary due to circumstances. Knowing how each cost with cut into your gross profit is important to make sure you don’t lose money using the FBA service. If you are worried the fees are too high, you can prep your packages yourself to save money. 

Using FBA is not a requirement of selling through Amazon. If your company would not benefit from Amazon handling the shipping of your products and you have enough storage, it might be best to not pay for FBA. Make sure you know the possible fees and all your options before you make big decisions for your business.

When you take the time to understand each fee, you will not be surprised when you’re charged. The calculator is so helpful for making an educated guess, but only when you input all the correct information. Make sure you take your time, mainly when calculating for a new product. 

Having a clear idea of what you want to sell is essential. You should also have some idea of how fast your product sells. This will allow you to enter in the information to get the most accurate fee calculation.

The FBA calculator will also not include Amazon’s long-term storage fees that will be assessed to any merchandise that has been sitting in an Amazon warehouse for more than 365 days. If you have some items that do not sell frequently, it may not be in your best interest to have those be included as FBA items. 

3. Gather All Information Before

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If you want the most accurate estimate, you will need to make sure you give the calculator the most precise information possible. You will want to have the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) handy, or you will waste time searching for each product individually. 

Once you have given the calculator the weight and other dimensions of your products, you will also need to import the item price (both what you paid and the amount you will sell it for) as well as your cost to ship it to Amazon in the first place. If you aren’t sure how much it will cost to ship to Amazon, make a high estimate. This will prepare you for the fees of shipping and storing Amazon will charge you.

After all the information is in place, you will be able to see what Amazon will charge as fees. The FBA calculator does include the cost of selling on Amazon or the referral fee. Before you sign an FBA agreement, use a calculator for the best guess. Once you’ve shipped your inventory to Amazon’s warehouses, it can be time-consuming to get them back. 

Merchant fulfillment or FBA will incur the same referral fee. The cost of the fee will always be a specific percentage of the price of the item. For most item categories, that will be 15% of the price or a $1 flat fee if 15% is less than a $1.00, but this can vary as well at times. 

If you decide to have Amazon be in charge of labeling your items with their Amazon barcode and prep the packages before distribution, you will also incur a fee. It does mean that you won’t have to do that work yourself. It’s your call for what will work best for your business and what will save you money in the long run.

4. When To Use The Fee Calculator 

The absolute best time to use an FBA fee calculator is before you start buying inventory so that you can make buying decisions that will help you profit. There are still other circumstances that would warrant needing to know the fee calculation, especially if you are shifting inventory or just want to double-check fees before adjusting a price tag.

You should also definitely use a fee calculator before investing in wholesale inventory, so you don’t find out too late that it is going to cost you more than you bargained for to keep the items stored in a warehouse. This will prepare you for the cost of storage that Amazon will charge you. Remember, Amazon charges per square foot of space used every month. 

Truthfully, you should be using an FBA fee calculator every time you change something in your business. Even if a price outside of your control changes, you should check to make sure you are still saving money by using FBA. This will help you know that you are spending your money wisely and help you keep track of the fees you are paying.

Some merchants store only specific items at Amazon’s warehouse. They keep smaller products in other places for fulfillment based on the estimated fees. There is no one right answer for using FBA as a service. 

Using FBA should be a profitable choice for your business. If it is making you lose money, then it is not the correct choice for your business at this time. Handling your shipping is hard work, but it might be the best way to save money while you grow your business.

The size of the storage space and resources you have will significantly affect how beneficial FBA will be for your business. If shipping and storing your products is no problem, then the FBA fee calculator will let you know that you will probably lose money with FBA. If your business could grow and flourish with Amazon’s help, FBA is a great choice.

5. Start Using FBA

After you have figured out the fees, you can get to work and start selling items through FBA. Create a shipment plan to get your inventory to their warehouses and kiss all the shipping woes goodbye. Amazon is going to deal with those now! Sure, you will pay for it, but when your customers can get their items in 1 or 2 days, you’re still likely to sell more anyhow. 

It’s a good idea to double-check the FBA calculator throughout the process, especially if you are running sales or specials to make sure that your return on investment is still good. Just because some of your items are great for FBA doesn’t mean they all are. Making sure you know your money is always being smartly spent is part of the peace of mind an FBA fee calculator provides.

There can be some fluctuation in prices with all of the different fees, so being able to double-check occasionally can be beneficial. Re-running the calculator occasionally can help you confirm you are making the correct decision with FBA. It will also give you some idea of how much adding new or more products would cost.

The FBA fee calculator is the best way to know you are saving money. Managing a business is hard work. Amazon can be beneficial by controlling shipping and customer service. However, if it is making you lose money, then the service is not worth the cost.

Regularly checking that your products are worth the same amount is important. As markets shrink and grow, the need for FBA in your business might shrink and grow too. Keeping track of when and if FBA is beneficial will help you save money and stay on top of your business.

If you doubt if FBA is the best option for you, the calculators will often have an option to compare FBA vs. merchant fulfillment fees easily, so you can always make the educated choice that is right for you and your business as an Amazon seller. This is one of the best ways to make an informed decision about shipping through Amazon. The FBA fee calculator helps break down pricing and fees, so you know that FBA is an excellent choice for your company.


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Don’t worry if an FBA calculator seems confusing the first time you use one. As you look at your fees more and more frequently, you will gain more confidence in using the tool. FBA calculators are very user-friendly because they exist for merchants like you make the best choice for their businesses. 

Keeping up with changing fees and prices helps you stay on top of your business. Knowing what you need to spend to make money instead of losing money is how you keep a business running. The FBA fee calculator was invented to make that information easy to find.

Knowing precisely what you are spending money on lets, you make informed decisions. FBA fee calculators help break down what you are spending and why you are choosing to spend that extra money on shipping and storage. The calculator is made to make your life easier, and your business easier to manage.

It is important to remember that the FBA fee calculator only provides an estimate. Fees might change based on your circumstances and information. You did not give the calculator. Fee calculators are made to offer you an approximation of the number you will be paying in fees and saving by using the FBA service.

Much of the information you put into a fee calculator is liable to change over time. Many possible fees could be added that an FBA fee calculator could not predict. Fees might also be added or taken away over time.

Make sure you have as much information as possible about your products before you enter them into the fee calculator. This will help you get the most accurate calculation. All the information you know will add to how much water house space you will need, how much shipping will be required, and will ultimately let you know if FBA is a service you can benefit from.

Use the fee calculator often. It is not a one-time price estimate that will never change. It is also not guaranteed to be correct without all the information. Make sure to use the FBA fee calculator regularly, so you know you are spending your money wisely.

The best time to start using an FBA fee calculator is once you know what you plan to sell. Having that information will allow you to get a very base idea of what you will be spending by using FBA after that use the calculator regularly to keep up with changing fees and prices.

Once you’ve taken the time to learn about the FBA fees, you will have a stronger idea of how to benefit your business. Knowing the fees, you may run into as an FBA seller will help you have a better understanding of how FBA works. Happy selling! 

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General FAQ’s

What is an FBA Fee Calculator?

The Amazon FBA Calculator is a useful tool for any seller who is deciding whether to use Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) or pursue an alternate fulfillment method. With the calculator, a seller can either compare FBA to FBM (Fulfillment By Merchant) or calculate the fees involved with FBA.

How much does FBA cost?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a way for sellers to ship their products directly to an Amazon warehouse. Amazon will handle the sale, picking the product from inventory, shipping, customer service, and returns. Amazon FBA fees range from 45 cents to $1.35 per unit, and $39.99 per month for a Professional account.

Why are FBA Fee Calculators benefits?

The benefits of Amazon FBA Program are:
1. A significant edge over your competitors
2. Ease of scaling your business model
3. Better ranking in the search results
4. Customer Service and Returns Provided

What is Fulfillment By Merchant?

Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM) is when the seller is in control of his entire handling and shipping process. Instead of paying a service fee and shipping inventory to Amazon to handle, the seller uses his or her resources and sends the items directly to the buyer.

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