Tech startup CMOís would love to achieve 100% ROI let alone 1000% in 6 months from backlink building.

What would you say if I told you that you could achieve an ROI of 1000% for your business through backlink building only?

And if I said you can do that in just 6 months? You may think it is too good to be true, but this can easily be achieved through backlink building if you know what tactics and strategies to apply.

In todayís online- driven world, outranking the competition on search engine results is essential. This will allow new customers to find you, generate solid leads, build your brand presence, and ultimately drive sales, profits, and business growth.

backlink building is an essential strategy for outranking your competition. It is also relatively simple, highly effective, and gives an impressive ROI that can be matched by few other marketing or PR tactics.

So how do you effectively implement backlink building? Letís take a look at some of the best backlink building strategies. But first.

What is Backlink Building?

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Before we get into specific strategies, it is important to understand what backlink building is and how it works. Backlink building is the process of building backlinks to your site from other domains.

It works in two ways: firstly; it drives referral traffic to your site Ė people who are reading content relevant to your service offering and therefore probably within your target market.

Secondly and perhaps more importantly, backlink building improves your organic rankings on search engines like Google. The number one ranking factor is how many high-quality links point to your site, and this is unlikely to change.

This is because having reputable, well-known websites linking to your site shows search engines that your site is valuable, causing them to rank your posts and pages higher.

Watch our friend Neil speak about backlinking. It’s not hard it takes the ability to research, create quality content, and pitch (juts like pitching the media).

Oniqua Case Study: Google Adwords

Grew website?traffic by 486%?in 3 months by using programmatic ad buys and testing over 24 ad variants.

Does Backlink Building Really Work?

In a word, yes. When executed well, you can expect to receive an ROI of around 1000% from a backlink building campaign.

Backlink building is an effective strategy for businesses across many industries and this is particularly true of the tech sector. Tech companies can expect particularly strong results from link-building because their target audience is ideal for this kind of strategy.

Operating in this sector, it is highly likely that your ideal customer is tech-savvy (or at least spends a lot of time online), reads a lot of online publications, is plugged into social media and searches online for products, services, and information in general. This is the perfect audience for link-building.

Backlink building is one of the cheapest strategies when it comes to digital marketing. Itís cheaper than a paid ad campaigns (whether offline or online).

What it does require, however, is time (a backlink building campaign needs to run for at least 6 months in order for it to be successful), energy and, above all else, expertise.

PR agencies and business owners say that backlink building is the most challenging aspect of SEO. It is also one of the most critical aspects.

Especially if you are trying to rank for competitive keywords, backlink building may be the only thing you can do to push your site to the first page of Google. And as we know, the world doesnít exist after that first page!

In a nutshell, a well-run, effectively executed backlink building campaign can do more than anything else to rank on Google and other search engines. This will translate into more traffic, more sales, and more revenue.

What Is White Hat Linkbuilding?

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You hear the term ďwhite hat backlink buildingĒ discussed in the context of link building quite often, but not everyone is clear on what it means.

Keeping your backlink building ďwhite hatĒ is essential in order to be effective, but this can also be difficult and requires certain knowledge and expertise. ďWhite hatĒ is used broadly in SEO to distinguish practices which are not ďblack hatĒ, as in violating search enginesí terms of service.

White hat backlink building means building links in order to improve rankings and drive traffic, but while absolutely complying with Googleís rules and keeping the integrity of your website intact.

Failing to follow Googleís terms of service can ultimately harm your backlink building efforts as the search engine will penalize your site, or in the worst-case scenario, could ban you entirely.

How To Prepare For Backlink Building

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Before you even get started, there are a few things you need to get in order pre-launch of your backlink building campaign. One of these is research and analytics. The first and most important, reason for doing this is to see where your site is currently situated.

In order to plan and execute your backlink building strategy, you will need to first have a clear picture of how much traffic your site currently gets, and where it is situated in terms of relevance and optimization. It is also critical to know which pages currently generate the most traffic.

You can use a variety of tools to conduct this analysis, but two tools which will do the job well and are easily accessible are Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

As part of your preparation process, a site audit should be conducted. This does not need to be a full technical audit, which is a very involved and time-consuming process. This is not necessary, but it is expensive and so will damage your ROI.

However, your light, pre-backlink building audit should include:

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1) Over-optimization: content which is over-optimized for specific keywords will not rank, because Google recognizes this and see that the page does not provide real value.

This means the search engine penalizes the site or page, making it difficult to rank. Over-optimisation can refer to on-page SEO, as well as too many match anchor text link built.

2) Backlink anchor text: you should check backlink anchor text to make sure that the anchor text ratio for target keywords is not too high, which can reflect an unnatural use of links or a poorly SEOíd a website and may result in a penalty when trying to rank. You can analyze the ratio of your current anchor text levels by using a tool like Ahrefs.

Example of a good anchor text profile:

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Example of a bad anchor text profile:

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3) Content selection: another important part of the audit is working out what existing content would be suitable to use as part of your link generation strategy. This is crucial because in order to generate powerful backlinks you need high-quality.

You probably already have content on your site which qualifies, remembering that this doesnít just have to be articles, but could also be graphics, tools, quizzes, case studies, tutorials or videos.

Having great content to work with is an essential base for any backlink building, and your strategy will probably need to involve some custom content creation content (more on this below).

4) Reverse engineering content and keywords: finally, you should identify keywords which are already ďcloseĒ to ranking. These keywords are probably already attached to good content which, as previously mentioned, you need to identify.

Even more importantly, these keywords represent the strongest (and quickest) potential for best ROI.

If you have keywords which are already ranking close to page 1, or close to the top results on page 1, a few additional high-quality links will solidify their spot in the first three results on page 1. You can identify your current top-performing keywords using tools like Ahrefs and Google Search Console.

Auditing for keywords which are close to ranking:

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The results of this analysis will allow you to set action items and goals for traffic generation, and ultimately revenue. It will also help you to identify things that you will need to fix (over-optimization for example) before beginning link building, otherwise, you will not have the same results.

Key Link Building Strategies For Tech Companies

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Digital PR

So now you know how important link building is, how do you go about actually building those links? This essentially comes down to digital PR Ė getting your name out there and linking back to your website.

As with traditional PR, one of the most obvious (and easiest) ways to do this is by doing something that people will want to write about. This could be anything cool, interesting, unique, charitable or newsworthy which online sites and publications will want to post about.

This could be any number of things: run an event, hold a brunch to raise funds for a charity which is relevant to your business, build an awesome tool or piece of software, or create a viral video.

Of course, with any kind of PR you also need to be proactive in making sure people know what youíre doing Ė you canít simply sit back and let them come to you. Make sure to contact journalists, sites, and publications to let you know what youíre doing and make sure they have your site link so they can link back to you.

Build Relationships

Another key to digital PR and doing it well is through building strong relationships. Identify the top sites and journalists in your industry and compile a list of contacts. This in itself takes a lot of time and patience.

It will also be more challenging if you are working in a very competitive niche. However, this is part of a long-term strategy of relationship building in which you can eventually ask your contacts to post links to you on target sites.

This will mean that when your business does something newsworthy as mentioned in the section above, you will already have established relationships that you can reach out to. Even better, they may come to you as an authority in the niche when they need to quote an expert.

Create a Proven SEO Strategy in 3-Months

Learn what is an SEO strategy? How do I create an SEO plan? And how do I implement an SEO strategy?

Smart, Non-Generic Guest Posts

You donít need to rely on journalists to write about you, you can also do it yourself. Offering to write guest posts for leading sites and publications, and including your backlink, of course, can be a great way to build links to your site.

Doing this does take time, effort and skill, however, especially if you want to be published in authority sites (which you do Ė this is important for your link building strategy to be effective).

More and more businesses are using the guest posting strategy, and unfortunately for the majority, this is more about quantity than quality.

As the market is becoming saturated, it is more important than ever to offer something of value if you want your guest post to be published. Write posts on your field, in ways that demonstrate your expertise and offer real value to the reader.

Tiered Backlink Building

Tiered backlink building essentially involved building more than one layer or ďtierĒ of links which point to each other. To do this, you build a set of ďtier 1Ē links which point directly to your site.

Then you build a second set (ďtier 2Ē) of links which link to your tier 1 links. This is designed to strengthen your tier 1 links, in order to rank your site. This strategy does not necessarily need to be limited to 2 tiers and can work in multiple layers or tiers.

Although some people argue that backlink building is not as effective as it used to be, many believe it is still useful because it helps to build the authority and ďpowerĒ of the pages which are linking to your website.

Overall, it remains an effective strategy, but it does involve additional costs, so in some cases, it will not be the most cost-effective approach in terms of ROI.

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What Kind Of ROI Can You Expect From Link Building?

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An effective link building strategy should include a combination of the above-mentioned tactics, that is:

  • Build strong relationships with journalists and other contacts within online publications.
  • Do something which people will want to write about/publish
  • Create and pitch your own high-quality content for guest posting

Oniqua Case Study: Google Adwords

Grew website?traffic by 486%?in 3 months by using programmatic ad buys and testing over 24 ad variants.

Wrap up for Tech Startup CMOís

The startup CMO thatís trying to increase visibility and forge connections with key players in their industry can be challenging to know what to do or how to do it. The online landscape evolves so rapidly that chasing trends can ultimately prove to be costly and fruitless.

To rank on Google you must understand how Google ranks brands and content. From blog posts, site ranking, search engine rankings, internal links, your backlink profile and apply it all to your backlink building tactics.

There are no real shortcuts. There is no way to shortcut brand building or hack your way to the top. Do you want to build a startup with a solid and scalable foundation? Then you have to do the hard work. Or outsource it. In terms of digital marketing and online visibility, this means investing in link building.


University of Denver

Weíve met their students, eaten in their dining halls, and uncovered their differentiators.

If you donít have a background in SEO, you probably donít have much context for how search engines work. Youíre familiar with the user side of things, but donít have a clear grasp on whatís happening in the search algorithms get help.

If this is done effectively, consistently and with an in-depth and quality-driven approach, you will easily see a 1000% ROI on your investment within 6 months.

This is because by generating a number of high-quality backlinks you will see an increase in organic rankings and an increase in traffic to your website. This, in turn, with translate into an exponential increase in sales, revenue and profits.

Weíre listening.

Have something to say about backlink building for tech startup CMO? Share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or our LinkedIn.

Tom Buckland, founder and director of†HQ SEO. I live and breathe SEO.

General FAQ’s

What are backlinks?

Backlinks†also called “inbound links” or “incoming links,” are created when one website links to another. The link to an external website is called a backlink.

Why is backlinking important?

Google search is about the user. They want to serve up content that is verified and trusted. Backlinking will help. Backlinks remain†a crucial factor for organic search ranking.

How do I increase my backlinks on Google?

You can choose to do it yourself or hire a professional. If you do it your self follow these methods:
1. The broken-link building method
2. Backlinks through infographics.†
3. The advantage of guest articles.
4. Spy on your competitors.
5. Build internal links.
6. Promote your content.
7. Write testimonials and reviews.
8. Contact journalists and bloggers.

And there are more.

How much does backlinking cost to outsource?

Price varies based on quality. The national average monthly pay for SEO managers (which includes link building) is between $4,000 and $5,500. Other high profile companies might charge as much as $500 – 1,000 per post or link. On the other hand, like†Matrix Marketing Group, some companies will cost as little as $1,500 per month, but might not have the same reputation or level of quality as the other SEO firms. As in most things, you get what you pay for.

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