You must consider elements of the marketing mix if the tech startup wants to grow.  

The elements of the marketing mix are critical if you want to get your finger on the pulse of your revenue growth investment and results across the entire revenue process.

 We are living in the age of technology. From the provision of goods and services to platforms of communication, the entire world has shifted online. This technological revolution has bought with it a surge in the number of tech startups across the globe.

A tech startup is a business that relies on technology for its revenue generation will need to fully understand how to perform effective startup marketing. This could mean generating revenue by providing digital products, services, platforms, or hardware to users.

All businesses need to have a strong online presence order to be successful in 2019, but for tech startups, this is even more critical. When you operate in the tech sector, your online persona is being judged and needs to be flawless to establish your credibility within this field.

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Your online presence comprises many things: social media, content, emails and, most important of all, your website.† A good website is an essential element for bringing any startup into the spotlight.

Your website design will give you the required edge over your competitors if done right. For a tech startup, it is critical that you have the best website possible. A nicely made site with all the required elements has the potential to serve as the backbone of your tech startup. It is essential to help you to scale.†

Contrary to what you may think, it is unnecessary to spend huge sums of money on website designers. Our thoughts on website designers differ a little from the much prevalent narrative: with a little research, a few skills (which can easily be learned), and the right tools, you can build your own, very effective website. 

Building your own website which will represent your brand, attract new customers and be essential to scaling your tech startup is easier than you think. The competition in the sector is tough, and many of your competitors have outstanding websites. To set yourself apart, make sure your site has these 8 key elements.

A Cool 404 Error Page  

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Like everything else in this world, technology has itís Ďbreak down momentsí too. The 404 error page is the page that appears when the server cannot find the URL requested by the user. No matter how hard you try, your website will go down for from time to time. 

That is why it is important to have a creative and fresh 404 error page. While facing a 404 error page confuses some, it frustrates most people. To make the downtime of your website a little less frustrating for the user, make your 404 error page unique. 

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One approach is to bring a smile to your userís face by making your error page funny, or you can customize it according to the product or service your startup sells. Your error page should be cool enough to lessen the frustration of the visitor when she cannot reach the requested page. 

This will make the visitor, who can be a potential customer, more likely to return to your website. A creative error page could also help you leave a lasting impression. People are more likely to remember your website if they leave entertained or amused.

SEO Content†and the Elements of the Marketing Mix

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Matrix Marketing Group

Search Engine Optimized content means using content that could help your page rank higher on search engines. Since the number of tech startups goes on increasing every day, it is important that you make the website for your startup stand out.†

The elements marketing mix must be considered in SEO to drive organic web traffic.

You must understand SEO techniques and use proven SEO growth techniques that will impact your business and marketing objectives.

Matrix Marketing Group has been working in the digital marketing space and SEO since 2002. Here’s a post they created and got them great results. The SERP spot.

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Matrix Marketing Group

If you are not seeing results like these it might be time for a website redesign.

By standing out, we mean to make it rank higher on search engines. This will spread the word about your startup far and wide. It will also play a part in getting more traffic for your startup website.

Other startups might sell the exact same services as you. To win from your competitor, you must target the intended audience of your products and services. 

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Bring them to your startup website by using keywords Ė the words that people interested in buying your services might search for. Use relevant keywords, and try to ensure that anybody looking to buy services similar to the ones you sell, comes across the website of your tech startup before any other website.†

While optimizing your website according to search engines, you must keep in mind the phrases most likely to be searched. Think from the perspective of the potential customer. What phrases would they use if they were to buy a product/service you are selling? 

The answer to that question is the phrase you would want to incorporate in your website. This is guaranteed to increase the visibility of your startup. More visibility means more visits to your website. This means growth in revenue.

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Contact Information

More often than not, your customers will have queries about your startup and the products you are selling. Since people enjoy getting answers quickly, it is important that your customers can reach you as soon as possible. 

That is why you need to display your contact information on your website, that too transparently. There is another aspect that makes including genuine contact information on your website valuable.

It is a large number of hoax websites found on the internet nowadays. Having your contact details displayed on your site will build the trust of the customers.†

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It also possesses the ability to enhance the userís experience. Quick and effective communication is key to a successful business. It would be an added benefit if you could link your website to other platforms.

These could be any platforms the customers could reach you on. Email, Facebook, or Skype are some of the options you could use. This will also lead to better connectivity between you and your customers. 

Call to Action Ė CTA 

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The elements marketing mix must have CTA’s to build its email database.

Instructions such as ďsign upĒ or Buy Nowí that prompt a user to take specific actions is known as Call to Action or CTA. These prompts can be in the form of hyperlinks or ĎAdd to Cartí buttons.

Without CTA, many users would not know what to do or where to go to buy your product. That is why the Call to Action is vital for your tech startup website.†

They help users navigate through the website. This makes the entire process of browsing your website smooth.

A good CTA ensures that the customer finds the experience of buying your service/product hassle-free. This leads to an increased chance of the customer returning to your website. Designing a good CTA prompt can be tricky. 

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One should ensure that the CTA is designed in a way that catches the attention of the user. The Call to Action should be kept short.

If your CTA makes use of phrases such as Ďlimited time offerí, it is likely to grab the usersí attention. More attention means more sales for your startup! So work on developing an attractive Call to Action prompt.

Video Marketing Content 

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Visual video marketing content is the key to consumer engagement. In this era of technology, people are no longer interested in reading long pages that explain your business. The majority of consumers prefer to watch videos on the product or services being offered.††

This not only saves their time but also gives them a more detailed view of what your startup is about. Which is why your startup website needs to have impressive video marketing content on it.

Users are twice as likely to stay engaged to the content on your website if it is presented in the form of a video. Use attractive visuals and engaging speeches in your videos to get your message across to the user. Video marketing content is also a great way to create awareness about your brand and company. 

Make use of the strategy of marketing through video content and be prepared to witness a good return on investment for your startup! 

Referrals/Testimonials†and the elements of the marketing mix

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If thereís one thing that will enhance customer trust in your products, itís referrals and testimonials. Hearing great reviews about something youíre planning to buy enhances your confidence in your decision. Testimonials do the job when it comes to tech startups.†

The elements marketing mix must be considered in referral to drive more leads. This is good strategy but not for predictable sustainable growth. You need more horsepower.

People sharing their experience of how a certain software or online marketing agency helped boost business revenues acts as a great trust builder. They reduce the risk of investment for the customer. Another important role that these testimonials can play is that of generating emotional appeal. Using emotional appeal for generating business might sound strange, but it isnít. 

According to research published in the Journal of Marketing Research, generating emotional appeal leads to a three times increase in business sales as compared to business, which doesnít.

Thereís no better way to generate emotional appeal than using referrals and testimonials from real people. People sharing their experiences is an added benefit for brands and companies. 

When other people vouch for a product, it becomes more likely for potential customers to buy the product. Satisfactory reviews about service also help to create new potential customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ Section 

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If someone is looking to use the services or products of your tech startup, then they often want to find complete information regarding these services. To provide accurate information in the least amount of time possible, having a Frequently Asked Question tab would be the way to go.  

Not everyone might be comfortable with leaving an email or using the ďTalk to UsĒ option present on your website. People appreciate having the answers to their basic questions, just one click away. All the basic yet essential questions about the services you provide need to be present on the FAQ tab.†

Hereís an example of an FAQ by Matrix Marketing Group

General FAQ’s

What are the elements of the marketing mix?

The elements of the marketing mix are critical if you want to get your finger on the pulse of your revenue growth investment and results across the entire revenue process.

What is the 4 P’s of marketing definition?

The†four Marketing P’s†(Product, Price, Place & Promotion) are also known as the ‘Product Mix.’ A product mix is a fundamental tool in determining a product’s offering to the customer.

Why are the marketing elements important?

The marketing elements are product place, price and promotion and each of the four play an†important†and valuable role in the†marketing†of that brand. While the†marketing†of a brand begins with its product, the other three†elements that are equally†as important and getting them right is essential to make your marketing strategy work.

When building a Frequently Asked Questions page, it is vital to remember that your customer can belong to a wide variety of backgrounds. Not everyone is tech-savvy, so you ensure that the answers are easy to comprehend for everyone.

A well designed, Frequently Asked Question section saves time. It makes gaining information about your goods and services hassle-free, just a click away.

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Wrap on the Elements of Marketing Mix

The elements of the marketing mix for tech startup are critical since resources are limited. They must be able to test and scale quicker than their older brother the enterprise organizations.

Some startups make the mistake of missing the simplest yet most essential element while making their websites. It is the ďAbout UsĒ page. Would you ever trust someone you know nothing about with your money? You probably wouldnít. 

Then itíd be foolish to expect customers to do the same. It is significant that you communicate your values and your mission statement. Weíve already told you the importance of communicating through video content. 

Thus a video explaining your vision and mission statement to your valued customers to be is the perfect choice for startups. This helps create a good reputation. The best way to go about this would be to put up the video on your homepage. 

This way, the customer will view your “About Us” video before anything else. This can help people understand your company and the values behind your business. Every brand has a unique story to tell.

Present the story behind your brand in a way that makes customers feel connected to it. This could as serve to generate an emotional connection. If done correctly, the About Us section will add a personal touch to your website.

We understand that starting a new business can be stressful. With the ever-increasing number of tech startups around, taking yours to the heights of success can prove to be a difficult task.

To help ease that path to success, weíve listed the most critical elements that you should include on that most important part of your marketing strategy, your website. 

Follow these simple steps. Incorporating the above mentioned eight elements into your tech startup will work wonders for your business. 

With these 8 elements of the marketing mix, your tech startup is guaranteed to grow by leaps and bounds. Once you use all our suggestions, be ready for an increase in your revenue generation. Not just that, but these suggestions will also help you create a positive image of your startup. Good luck!

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