Podcasts are fast becoming a crucial tactic in the marketer’s toolkit. They’re popular, easy to create, and provide a vital channel straight to your audience.

But podcasts are also a great way to generate leads and grow your business consumer base. Read on to discover 5 podcast lead generation tips you need to know in 2019.

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podcast lead generation

Know your audience and create content that addresses it

Podcasts aren’t all that different from your usual content marketing fare. While the format and delivery are different, it’s still something that your audience consumes. And just like other content in your strategy, your podcasts should address the unique needs of your target audience — their pain points.

By creating content that delves into your listeners’ concerns and needs, you deliver actionable takeaways they can enjoy. This is the crux of creating value in your podcasts — crafting episodes that cater to your listeners on a personal level.

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Not every podcast needs to be like this. The best podcasts are diverse and full of variety. But by knowing your listeners’ pain points and creating podcasts that address it, you create opportunities to generate leads and grow your listener base further.

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Build relationships with your audience

The relationship between a business and its customers is valuable. They’re personal and intimate and generate mutual trust between the two parties.

But relationships through podcasts are more personal and intimate than other forms of content. Your audience isn’t reading words on a screen — they are listening to you speak and hearing the tone of your voice.

This adds a deeper, more human element to the relationship. The cadences of speech convey volumes, from elation and humor to anger and sadness. Your relationship with your listeners plays an important role in lead generation.

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Spend some time in each podcast episode addressing listener comments from your social forums. Mention them by name and respond. This adds a human element that encourages your listeners to return to and engage with your podcast repeatedly.

Include CTAs throughout

Call-to-actions (CTAs) are a crucial method of generating leads in all content, and podcasts are no exception. There are a few differences between podcast CTAs and other types though.

Your listeners won’t be at the sales stage of the buyer’s journey. Compelling your audience to buy won’t do the job. Instead, your CTAs should align with the content of your podcast — they should provide value.

As an example, you might offer a downloadable piece of content such as an ebook or an editorial calendar template. Mention them in your podcast as a CTA, and link to them in the show notes for each episode.

Remember not everyone will listen to your podcast from start to finish — it’s just the nature of the game. Include CTAs at different stages of your podcast to reach the maximum number of listeners. It’s worth analyzing your listening stats to see where customers drop off and then placing CTAs to avoid them.

Build lead generation into your podcast

If you’re serious about generating leads from your podcast, then you need to embrace the idea. Adding a lead generation tactic as an afterthought won’t get you the leads you need — it needs to be built into your podcast from the get-go.

In this Marketing Speak podcast, the entrepreneur Nicole Holland discusses the idea of storyboarding as a lead generation strategy, “designing the strategy and the content around everybody individually.” She discusses how you should first look at the listeners — who are they? Why are they listening? What will they get from the podcast? — and then creating content that builds on that.

For example, you might focus on interviews, or training, or pain points (or as mentioned earlier, a blend of them all). These should all lead back to the listener, delivering value to them from start to finish.

podcast lead generation tips

Repurpose podcast content in other formats for podcast lead generation

Your podcasts generate a wealth of great content that goes beyond simple audio. The 20 minutes you spend talking, discussing, and interviewing can create other forms of content you should use across the rest of your online presence.

You can turn your podcast episode into a blog post. Pick out the key points and elaborate on them, including a few choice quotes to back them up. If you interviewed someone of note, you could turn that episode into a newsworthy article and pitch it to relevant publishers.

Or why not turn your podcast into a video? Create graphics or a presentation that illustrate the points made in the episode and include CTAs to generate leads from your video hosting platforms.

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Even providing the transcript for your podcast is enough to deliver value to your audience and generate leads. Don’t let your podcast drift off into the ether — revamp and reuse it to generate leads from the rest of your marketing channels too.

Wrap up on podcast lead generation

Think about hosting local business owners, industry experts, thought leaders and start a podcast. And don’t forget to amplify it on social media channels.

Podcasts are diverse, engaging, and increasingly popular. They’re also a great addition to your marketing strategy to grow your business. Follow the tips above and create a podcast that will drive leads well into 2019.


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