10 Apps and Tools for Writers

Tools for writers just helps make your content the best it can be.

Writing a blog post, a press release or website copy is a little like driving; you can study the highway code (or read articles telling you how to write) for months, but nothing can prepare you for the real thing like getting behind the wheel and hitting the open road.

In this post, I will explain 10 essential apps and tools for writers to help you get started or hone your trade.

Daily writing confronts you to stay on top of your game – to achieve success, you must write brilliantly. Writing high-quality articles can be tasking, frustrating and time-consuming especially when you do it without adequate tools.

Mistakes occur as you write; therefore you need decent tools to correct the errors and make your article top-notch. While writing remains one part of creating content, editing happens to be the other (a big part). Learn about how to successfully blog here.

A poorly edited post equals lousy content regardless of how informative or interesting the post is. There are numerous editing and writing tools online that authors can use to improve their pieces. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, these tools will go a long way to assist you.

The tools and apps for writers we shall be considered in this article do not just help produce great works alone; they also help you manage your time, content and whatnot!

Writing tools can help a lot by making spelling and grammar check easy and quick. They also come with great suggestions, tips, and remarks that will go a long way in improving your writing.

We have so many apps and tools all over the internet and can be confusing to decide which one to use. However, this post was written to introduce you to ten of them which can be useful to you while you execute your writing assignment.

Before we consider the various apps and tools, let’s take a quick look at their benefits:

  • They enhance the clarity and meaning of words.
  • They ensure you use the right words always to make your writing compelling.
  • They help analyze your article to boost SEO ranking.
  • They help eliminate different errors.
  • They help remove clichés from posts giving such post the needed professional touch.
  • They help suggest synonyms that help optimize your content.
  • They keep articles high-quality by eliminating redundant and repetitive words.
  • They make writing fun and easy to read.
  • They on the long run make you a great writer.


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1. ProWriting Aid:

ProWritingAid refers to an online tool used for editing, writing, learning, and perfecting of writing style.

It has so many checks and reports that make it an ideal writing aid for authors, writers and others who write long articles. ProWritingAid, comes handy for professionals because it digs deep and offers a vast range of suggestions to improve writing.

It helps with some grammar issues that other grammar checking tools might have missed, e.g., transitions, abstract words, clichés (overused words), and so on.

With ProWritingAid, you can upload your documents and access above 20 in-depth writing reports that will assist in improving the quality and lucidity of your text quickly and with ease.

Frankly speaking, this tool has more software integrations (extensions) than any other editing app. Since you can integrate it with any of MS Word, Open Office, GoogleDocs, Chrome or Scrivener, then you can edit wherever you write.

The free version of ProWritingAid works surprisingly well offering a lot of functionality, but the priced premium version makes for working on extremely long documents, e.g., manuscripts.

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2. Grammarly:

Grammarly has been called the ‘king of grammar checkers’ because of its usefulness. Having used a few of the grammar checkers, I couldn’t agree more.

This one of our fav tools for writers.

If you use the free version, some punctuations and grammar structures can be left out because it does not handle advanced grammar. The plagiarism checker does not come with the free version. So, if you want one, you will have to invest some dollars.

Grammarly, if well harnessed can be used every day since it works with a series of platforms, software, and applications. It has its own desktop app and works with MS Office and lots of browsers, WordPress and social media sites. There is also a mobile app that you can use on your mobile device.

Due to the wide range of apps and tools extension, Grammarly will work no matter what, when or where you are writing. It helps you write better and accurately. Another way you can put Grammarly to work is when you do not want to write yourself.

For instance, you can pay someone to write my paper, and after the paper has been submitted, you can then use Grammarly to check the article for plagiarism and other issues. With the app, you can make minor adjustments and make it your own.

3. Copyscape:

When writing, if your writing becomes similar to others online, you are very likely to be accused of plagiarism. Also, a plagiarised article will have a lousy SEO ranking, therefore keep the plagiarism level to as close to 100% as possible.

This one of our fav tools for writers that protect your content.

For this problem, Copyscape stands in as a convenient solution. It helps to make sure of the uniqueness of your article for it to have a high SEO ranking.

Copyscape was designed originally to catch instances of outright plagiarism. Besides, it prevents you from writing the same phrase repeatedly thereby helping ensure that your article has maximum SEO potential. However, the Copyscape can be slightly confusing when setting all the initial parameters.

4. Readable:

When your writing focuses on a specific audience, Readable will come in handy. For example, when writing children’s articles, it must be easy to understand so scoring using readable will do the magic. Readable utilizes the Flesch-Kincaid algorithm for determining the grade level of your text.

Most site contents require easy grade scores for better understanding. A perfect example is when writing ad copy or articles for a general American audience; the required grade level remains an F-K score to an 8th-grade level or lower.

It works perfectly for overly complex or lengthy words giving you an instant assessment of your text grading.

5. Hemingway App:

The app allows writers to write simply without fluffs and fillers – just like the famous Hemingway himself. The tool remains popular among writers and bloggers due to its convenient text editing system.

This one of our fav tools for writers, especially for titles.

It ensures you to write simply by highlighting complex sentences and phrases then offers suggestions to eliminate excessive adverbs. It also helps convert passive voice constructions into active voice.

The tool comes with document style settings and even shows a text’s readability score. It also comes with a counter which indicates the number of words, characters, paragraphs, and sentences making it easy for you to alter the structure of texts for better readability. You can also get the Mac and PC editor’s standalone version, meaning you can use it on any device.

If you worry about writing simply without any heavy constructions in the passive voice, embrace Hemingway. It will improve your readability score/grade and eliminate passive voice in your writing.

6. Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator:

When looking for that perfect blog idea, consult Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator. This app will generate ideas for your blog in a matter of seconds. Just fill the form with the terms or few nouns you have on your mind and wait till the blog post titles come up. When you ran out of ideas, use this tool!

It merely requires adding the three keywords for the app to give you suggestive ideas that you can write immediately or get you pointed in the right direction. So, if coming up with fresh or new ideas for your dear blog on a regular basis is a struggle, this app is exactly what you need.

7. Cliché Finder:

Clichés make articles look unprofessional and watery. For the record, clichés are an overused expression that has lost its original effectiveness or power from too many uses. The app uses an algorithm and a dictionary to find clichés. Simply paste the text into the website and find out the results.

Clichés can be irritating, annoying and discouraging. They do their best to repel readers, so avoid them. If you cut off overused phrases, your content will be stronger and more memorable.

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8. Evernote:

Evernote is such an amazing app that affords you the flexibility of taking notes and capturing ideas in different areas that some people call it a ‘second brain.’ Importantly you can do so many things with Evernote.

You can create to-do lists and checklists to drawing out specific notes to capturing receipts for tracking business expenses.

On the free plan, you can get up to 60MB of space – which should serve you quite well for just plain text notes.

However, if you want to include more graphics or larger files, then you should upgrade to larger storage for a couple of dollars. Evernote helps you to stay organized as a writer.

9. Copywritely:

Formerly called Contentyoda, Copywritely happens to be a content analysis tool that assists both robots and people to create great content.

It helps you to find major errors in content and edit your text at once using the online editor. Count on Copywritely to check your article for uniqueness, redundant phrases, and keyword stuffing.

Copywritely comes handy for digital marketers, SEO specialists, project managers and so on. It helps prevent overuse of the word in your writings, eliminate stop words and avoidance of redundant phrases.

In addition to that, it helps you to avoid plagiarism and makes your posts awesome. Copywritely can be a challenge and not easy to make changes in your post when it reports plagiarism. Since it highlights the plagiarized phrases word by word, it can be confusing when you try to re-direct the text.

10. Microsoft Word:

It would be injustice after listing all these apps and tools but refused to add Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word popularly referred to as MS Word happens to be a well-known word processor and default writing tool for many writers, bloggers, and authors. MS Word remains the first name that writers tend to associate with writing software.

It has a large usage mostly because it comes with many PCs. Besides typing, MS Word has so many other features that make it a versatile writing and editing tool.

It comes with a grammar checker that allows you to edit your articles. With the grammar checker, you can eliminate passive words, punctuation errors, spelling, and other writing issues.

It has an Office dictation feature that allows you to convert speech to text. On your down days when typing seems like a heavy task, dictate to your app, and it would do justice to it.

It works like magic, however, accent matter when using this feature, so, speak in the accent MS Word can understand. MS Word has a word counter that helps count the number of words, characters, lines and so on.

Also, it has a Thesaurus feature which allows you to use alternate words to avoid overuse of certain words or to get the perfect expression in your writing.

You can also check Readability score grading and so much more with MS Word. Furthermore, when you are tired of reading or skimming through long text what do you do?

Simple, engage the ‘Read Aloud’ feature to read the article back to you. It makes listening to your writing easy, and you can stop to make corrections as you go along.

The authentic version of Word doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth every dime spent. Since by default it comes with your PC, you can make do with it. However, when it comes to the latest features, you can buy the newest version that comes with Office 365.

Wrapping up on tools for writers

Now there you have them, ten essential writer tools and apps for your use. Do you know that you can use a combination of apps and tools above to create awesome posts? Do not get stuck with only one tool or app; for best result use a combination of many of them.

For instance, I use MS Word in typing then run it through the editing features to eliminate passive words, spelling corrections, punctuation, and readability scoring.

After that, I run the post through the premium version of Grammarly to do advanced corrections on it especially correcting the ones missed by MS Word.

After that, I engage the Plagiarism feature in checking the article. Finally, I pass the post through Copywritely to help confirm the plagiarism percentage, check redundancy, keyword stuffing, etc. After putting the article through all those editing tools, it will come out awesome!

It does not matter if you have a major in English or not, allow the tools to help you with your posts, then you worry about creativity.

Have an app or tool to share, please share it here: @mmgtweets. And don’t forget to share this with a writer.

We’re listening.

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Alyssa Johnson has been working as a writer and blogger for five years. She is an astute writer with a wealth of experience. She has received several awards of excellence for her writing from different organizations and groups. She loves creating original articles and has proved to be very good at it.

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