Weekly Must Reads

Dropbox hacked? After a spam attack earlier this week, the file-sharing service is investigating a possible security breach. Inc.com.

Sales Metrics: Invented in 1898 by St. Elmo Lewis, the customer buying cycle, proposed that buyers go through a buying process: from awareness to interest to desire to action…more Matrix Marketing Group

Bottled up rage: New York City has banned giant sodas. SodaStream’s CEO wants to rid the world of plastic soft drink bottles and cans, too. Forbes.

Fed up: Tax breaks create jobs? $250,000 is a lot of money? All government incentives are useless? Hogwash, says small-business owner Gene Marks. Huffington Post.

Terrible at hiring? Here’s why most start-ups are terrible at hiring, and how they can improve. Charlie O’Donnell. (Hat tip: StartupDigest Reading List)

Preparing to fire: Every CEO likes to say she runs a great company. It’s hard to tell whether the claim is true until the company or the CEO has to do something really difficult. Firing an executive is a good test, according to Ben Horowitz. Ben’s Blog. (Hat tip: StartupDigest Reading List)

Hacker protection: Banks are being held liable for small-business accounts hit by cyberthieves. WSJ.com.

Dealing with it: Daily deal sites are a bane for many small businesses, but a new study finds they might be worth it after all. Entrepreneur.com.

The friendlier skies: The CEO of TheKnot.com on why entrepreneurs should fly first class. Inc.com.

Small-biz washing? Politicians left and right call small firms the lifeblood of the economy, even in supporting policies that have little to do with them. Bloomberg Businessweek.

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